Triassic Attack Movie on Syfy – A Review of Sorts

by on November 28, 2010

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TRIASSIC ATTACK Syfy Original Movie - A review - Pictured Triassic Attack Photo by Syfy w Gabriel Womack

The Syfy Channel Original Saturday night movie was Triassic Attack. It starred Raoul Trujillo (True Blood, Tin Man; upcoming: Cowboys and Aliens) and Steven Brand (Scorpion King). It was directed by Colin Ferguson (Eureka).

TRIASSIC ATTACK -- Syfy Original Movie -- Pictured: Steven Brand as Jake Roundtree -- Photo by: Syfy

Triassic Attack is a Syfy Channel movie about dinosaur fossils on a spell-enchanted rampage to protect some sacredly cherished land. With that, the movie teaser opener had us watching three hapless people running for their lives from something. They get trapped in a water tower and then the sheriff traps the monster in the same room that he is in. It doesn’t look good as the thing chasing them is giant skeleton of a dinosaur.

We watch as protestors are voicing their displeasure of a big corporate entity having purchased their lands and is looking to stop the forward progress promised by the big corporate guy who is looking to expand the local college with a lot of construction.

The local Indian natives aren’t happy about this proposed expansion, and despite having already signed some contracts and accepted the monies offered them, still protest the situation.

Triassic Attack Syfy Original Movie -- Pictured: Kirsty Mitchell -- Photo by: Syfy

We see that the Sheriff Jake, (played by Steven Brand) is divorcing and he and his wife Emma (Kirsty Mitchell [Lake Placid 3, The Royal Today]) have a troublesome sort of daughter named Savannah (Emilia Clarke [Game of Thrones]). His wife is an archaeologist at the local museum.

There are some incidental characters in the form of college kids who are in the middle of partying and hazing new pledges. Fossil fodder!

Triassic Attack -- Syfy Original Movie -- Pictured: Raoul Trujillo -- Photo by: Syfy

Late at night one particular individual, Dakota (Raoul Trujillo), in the middle of a destructive vandalizing rampage in the local museum, changes his course of action and breaks out into a ceremony with a fire-pit inside the museum and brings the dinosaur skeletons to life. He was asking for the spirits to protect their land but this wasn’t what he was thinking of! (The museum seriously needs better smoke detectors.)

And the rampage commences!!!


Of course one of the laugh-out-loud moments from the Syfy movie was after Dakota realized his request of the spirits went awry, a classic line from the movie was after Dakota was found sitting backwards on a horse and later he said that riding a horse backwards was supposed to reverse the spell! Classic! So out of thin air and having made absolutely no sense instantly cemented this line as a timeless classic in my household.

The second classic Syfy moment was when the T-Rex fossil started chewing on a hapless victim but the guy just fell through the lower jaw bone to the ground since there was no gullet to be digested in. Though he did have issues with lots of tooth holes in his body.


TRIASSIC ATTACK Syfy Original Movie Pictured Triassic Attack Photo by Syfy

There was a lot of odd, out of place moments that were meant to be a wee bit more epic than it really was and an odd sense of quick acceptance that dinosaur bones are running around in a rampage. Folks were more afraid of the rampage rather than of the premise that bones have been reanimated. But hey! They read their scripts and were prepared for the imminent supernatural attack.

For me, Wyatt, played by Gabriel Womack, was the best character part with his quippy lines as it brought a great bit of light to the somber attempted movie. An almost Eureka attempted feel to the scenes that he was in.

I think the only thing I might have done differently in the programming department, was to play another Syfy dinosaur movie before this one. Playing Jurassic Park as the lead-in movie to Triassic Attack drove home many points, or differences that exist between an A-grade sci fi monster movie and a Saturday Night Original movie on Syfy. Seriously… I wasn’t numb enough to digest the fun to be had hanging out with friends and family to watch the movie!

Yet with plenty of well placed scenes of fossils terrorizing the small college town and electricity being the key element to defeating enchanted fossil bones, Triassic Attack was on par for a Syfy Channel Original Saturday night movie and I swear, I could detect some of Colin Ferguson‘s touch in the directing… ie: the cast carrying out their roles seemed a bit better than the average Syfy movie.

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