TROLL HUNTER Review – A Surprise of A Pleasantly Fun Movie

by on May 28, 2012

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'Trollhunter' movie review

Trollhunter is a fascinating, found-footage style Norwegian movie that focuses on a team of investigators that start looking into a series of strange bear deaths around their region.  They end up hooking up with a mysterious man who turns out to be a troll hunter.  And as it turns out, it’s not bear he’s hunting, but rather he’s investigating the cause of the bear deaths, or, the government hidden secret of trolls, in Norway.

Where they’re from in Trollhunter, trolls exist and the government keeps their existence under wraps. And these trolls are not the trolls from our fairy tales!  They’re very different and take a bit of getting used to, as throughout the movie, Hans explains to the film crew and movie viewer, the various types of trolls and why he’s on their trail.

Our main man that the investigative team is finally allowed to tag along with is Hans (Otto Jespersen) and he shows this team of young investigators an entirely new and very dangerous world that they had no clue exists.

Otto Jespersen in TROLLHUNTER

This movie, despite the subtitles, turned out to be a pure pleasure of a fantasy monster genre movie that keeps you riveted to the screen.  (I mean, beyond having to read the subtitles that is.)  Jespersen adds this gruff and matter-of-fact persona to the film that lends a feel of reality to this “found footage” movie.

The effects are wonderfully done and the way the movie starts and ends, makes it even more of an interesting ending, as it’s purported that the film crew has never been seen from again since the last scene, where they were running from …  well, you’ll see for yourself.


I loved Trollhunter and if you have a ways or a means of catching it, I’d recommend it.  Over 24k votes on IMDb gave it an average score of 7/10, so I’m not alone. Right now, I know it’s on Netflix and I happily clump this in with my review of Rare Exports, another fine foreign indie film! (But that’s a “holiday” movie!)

And as you might come to guess from the following movie trailer, they come in ALL sizes!

Director André Øvredal is also now helming a new movie that looks to be coming out in 2013, titled Carpe Demon: Adventures of a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom.  I’m sort of looking forward to seeing if lightning does strike twice with this director!

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Capt. Obvious August 7, 2012 at 9:27 am

Fascinating. I never knew you were a tool Bruce. (Would that be electric or manual?) And there are ways to prevent stroke!

On the bright side, the “Latest Comments” widget brought me to this cool review. Now I have a new movie to queue up.

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