Trollhunter Director Is Making Another Monster Movie

by on October 10, 2012

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Enormous being made into movie and tv series

The director behind the indie fake documentary, Trollhunter, Andre Ovredal, is teaming up with the producer of the movie Hitman, Adrian Askarieh, to make a monster movie.

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They’ll be tackling and adapting the comic titled Enormous. This comic is a story of an apocalyptic era of when an ecological event causes the creation of giant monsters that plague humanity. (Always throw your trash away or recycle!!!)

But rather than just making a movie, Ovredal and Askarieh are looking to make a movie, a TV show and what’s called a high-end web series to support the story they plan to tell.

This will allow them to tell the story of several characters as they deal with surviving this newest version of our apocalypse.

I don’t normally write about every comic that might become a movie, but I’ve seen Trollhunter and I liked how it was put together on a shoestring budget of under a million bucks. It had this, even-keeled, mellow energy to it that treated dealing with giant trolls like the documentary that was being filmed in the story of the movie.


And I enjoyed the movie, for what it was.

Though Enormous looks like a huge vision across different venues, it could be an interesting project that comes to fruition. If for some reason, it’s all too much for them, I hope it still comes to the big screen so it can be realized properly, versus a TV or web series.

But we’ll see what happens. Regardless, I look forward to more work from Ovredal.


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