Tron: Legacy Early Movie Reviews Are In! Yikes?

by on December 16, 2010

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Tron Legacy in theaters Dec 17 2010

After looking around at some reviews, I’m starting to rethink my idea of wanting to see the Tron: Legacy!  Or at least, I go in warned that the story will not blow me away.  Then again, did we expect much from what looks like a wonderfully stunning visual experience?  [Emergency Update 12-17-10: After having seen the movie, I could not disagree more with some of the critics who hint at the movie not making sense or being any good!  Check out my movie review of Tron: Legacy.]

I want to like Tron: Legacy.  It looks spectacular and appears laced with the ever so coolly calculated amount of sexy in the form of tightly clad sirens and Olivia Wilde.  Seriously?  Who can’t like the idea of Olivia Wilde in a form fitting outfit, in 3D?

The fanfare that has been built up by Disney has been incredible.  If you follow other entertainment focused blogs, you know that at conventions and events since last July, Flynn’s Arcade has been recreated several times for many to enjoy.  Props, visuals and toys have been pushed out for the public’s consumption and enjoyment.  Overall, everyone seems to have enjoyed the marketing of the movie, that’s for sure.

I’ve never been a fan of the original… even at a young age, it just missed the mark with me and I’ve actively dismissed it.  But I’d love to see the original 80’s version, but it hasn’t come on TV that I’ve seen.  I say this because I’d love to see how they’ve evolved the continuation of the first story.  But some say that it’s the same story, different people.  Oddly, it was marked as a failure for Disney back then and over the years, Disney has let the original digitally based ultimate Frisbee battle movie lapse out of print to DVD.

High Hopes

Jeff Bridges at Tron: Legacy UK Premiere

My hopes have been high and I’ve even collected most of the movie trailers in one location for all to see [Tron: Legacy Movie Trailers] as my anticipation has been building.  Or at least has been helped along into a subtle frenzy.  This was going to be my first foray into a 3D movie.  I’ve skipped the 3D experience so far… I have a thick skin to publicity and hype.  Mostly.

Tron: Legacy opens this Friday (12-17), is rated PG and stars Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund & Olivia Wilde.  It’s directed by first-time director, Joseph Kosinski.  (I always worry about first-timers in any project!)

I started looking around to see what folks have been saying about Tron: Legacy and I’m a little dismayed.

The Short of It:

Tron Legacy Concept Art for Light Cycle

The short of it is that the story is old, predictable but the visuals are stunning.  I suspect the visuals will blow you away.  But these are my interpretations.

Let me pulls some quotes for you from various movie reviews of Tron: Legacy and below, links are provided for your choosing if you wish to delve farther into the minds of any of the reviewers.

Tron: Legacy Review Quotes:

Pete Hammond at Box Office Magazine says “Fans of the original won’t be disappointed. Advances in CGI technology help this concept reach new heights and the visible improvements are staggering, to say the least.

The great Roger Ebert noted that ““Tron: Legacy,” a sequel made 28 years after the original but with the same actor, is true to the first film: It also can’t be understood, but looks great.

Mr. Ebert points out to his readers, “don’t bother yourself about where the physical body of Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) has been for the last two decades; it must surely have been somewhere, because we can see that it has aged.

You can always count on Mr. Ebert having a wonderful rooted sense of reality to add to any movie experience.

Owen Gleiberman at EW:  “…it looks like Blade Runner after gentrification, TRON: Legacy is a catchy popcorn pleasure.

The sequel, more successfully (if less innocently), injects you into a luminous action matrix and asks you to be happy with the ride.

J. Hoberman from The Village Voice observes “When not delighting the eye, Tron: Legacy, which required at least four humans to script, baffles the brain with mumbo-jumbo, including the promise of “a digital frontier to reshape the human condition.”

Variety’s Peter Debruge says “the underlying concept feels as far-fetched as ever.”  And later adds “offers enough to draw legions to first-time director Joseph Kosinski’s reverential reboot,

Todd McCarthy from The Hollywood Reporter said “… the first official sequel made nearly three decades after the original film? There are perhaps good reasons why Disney waited so long…  the film is so incoherent and groaningly scripted as to be tolerable only if watched in a rude Mystery Science Theater 3000 frame of mind.

Marshall Fine from Fox News Entertainment titles his review as “Push ‘Delete’ on ‘Tron: Legacy‘” and calls it “Big, flashy and dull dull dull.”

Rotten Tomatoes has it scored at 56% & says “The screenplay isn’t as captivatingly state of the art as the visuals, but Tron Legacy proves a suitably dazzling sequel to the original.

IGN calls it a “a thrilling, moving 3D adventure that will leave you wanting more.

Appleton Post Crescent says “if you’re going to see a movie that admittedly features lots of digital bells and whistles as its major draw, shouldn’t you still be able to tell what’s going on?


There ya have it!   The round-up of thoughts about Tron: Legacy seem obvious enough.  Don’t go for the story, but stay for the visuals…  Below, links to the various sources quoted above:


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Rah April 9, 2011 at 12:39 pm

I’m the same way with movies. I have to read on the reviews before I can see them because if there is nothing positive about the movie I’m not going to waste my time seeing it. Although this review on “Tron: Legacy” have been up and down I think I’m going to still order it in HD on PPV tonight. My co-worker at DISH has been telling me for some time to see it because he really likes it. So just for the sake of conversation I’m going to order it and see how I like it. I hope I like it because I’m not into these types of movies with different worlds and all. So I’m just trying something new.

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