Tron: Legacy Movie Review [In A Nutshell – It Was Fun & Easy to Follow]

by on December 17, 2010

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This is a movie review of Tron: Legacy.  In short, the movie is visually immersive and the story flows along and is rather easy to follow as it makes sense at every step of the way, in the grid.  It’s a wonderfully crafted sequel that punches a rather feel-good and powerfully poetic ending, as far as the franchise is concerned.  Ziing!


Can you believe that I almost didn’t go see Tron: Legacy after reading some reviews.  Gads!  My first thought is that I am very happy I did go.  Early reviews were saying things like it could not be understood or that you need to “push delete” and it is dull.  They either never saw the original or aren’t fans of the genre but HAD to review it.  I don’t mean that in a bad light.  I’m just saying that some folks like science fiction and some don’t because they don’t get it, and that is where I think the reviews will split down the middle at.  The literary minded critics may suffer a bit while the more creative, free-thinkers or fans of the franchise will love it.

I went and saw Tron: Legacy in a Cinemark XD (Extreme Digital) 3D showing and it was worth every penny.  The Cinemark XD is their version of IMAX… HUGE screens!

Tron: Legacy Plot Setup

Tron Legacy with Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges

Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) is missing and folks aren’t sure if he’s dead or just taken leave of life somewhere.  His son Sam, (Garrett Hedlund), is a majority shareholder of his dad’s company, Encom, but it’s not what it used to be as far as their focus on delivering or sharing.  It’s about the money.  It’s successful, just different.  Sam “checks” in at least once a year on the company.  He’s also a daredevil of sorts and finds himself in frequent contact with the cops.  So much so that he’s on a first name basis with the police impound yard employee.  LOL.

Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner) still works at Encom, but he’s not happy about it where the company has gone… but hey, a job is a job!  He gets paged from a defunct phone number and Sam heads out to Flynn’s Arcade, looking into it.  From there, he gets sucked into grid and encounters the sirens, Clu and then Quorra, played by Olivia Wilde.

From there, the story has a great progression & develops to the point where…   hmm, naw, I’m not tellin’.  You’ll have to go see it yourself.

The Experience

The movie, or story is not epic.  It doesn’t shake you to the core and I missed it if there was a message about humanity.  Though there is a message about understanding and how kids can really mess up one’s Zen focus.  (That will be funny later, when you see the movie.)  Yet for what it was, the story does engage your mind because you can’t wait for the next scene to pop up to see what’s next.

It was wonderful to see Bruce Boxleitner on the silver screen yet again and not in a Syfy telecast.  Jeff Bridges delivers a great presence as a reclusive creator while Garrett Hedlund took a little bit to used to for me.  I’ve never seen him in anything before this… that I recall.

Olivia Wilde Tron Legacy promo movie poster

Olivia Wilde took me by surprise.  All I’ve ever seen her in is Fox’s House M.D. playing Thirteen.  Very sober, serious minded your lady.  In Tron: Legacy as Quorra, she is still a smart program, but the presentation is that of a wide-eyed, chipper sort of personality.  At least compared to Thirteen.  It was a nice change of pace not to mention  it didn’t really hurt to watch her in XD 3D either!

The 3D was what I suspect, some might call spot on.  This was my first experience with 3D and Disney, as I suspected, did it properly.  It did not detract from the movie and there were very few 3D gimmick scenes, though there were two, maybe three scenes where something snaps at the viewer, and I’m proud to say I jumped!  The in-your-face moments weren’t forced on you just to say, “Hey look, it’s in 3D.”  It wasn’t necessary, the scenery was consistently awesome in 3D.

The movie trailers and stills of Tron: Legacy do not do the film justice.  The battles are a bunch more complicated than you might think you’re surmising from the trailers and the world of Tron: Legacy is much more detailed than the original.  Which makes sense, with today’s technology.

I would only add that showing Jeff Bridges younger face, both talking and what not on Clu and the younger version of Kevin, isn’t perfect.  It’s not bad, but not perfect.

In Closing:

Tron Legacy in theaters Dec 17 2010

In case you didn’t figure it out from this movie review, I had fun.  I enjoyed the movie as the visuals were not over done, the cast not overboard and the story was a natural progression of the original.  A sequel that did the franchise justice, as far as I can tell.

If you’ve never hit up a 3D movie yet, this is probably the best movie to do it with.  Yes, it’s pricier, but I’m not sure you’ll mind when the movie is over.  Cinema Static on Brusimm is giving this science fiction genre movie, Tron: Legacy, 2 thumbs up for the fun!

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Bruce Simmons December 18, 2010 at 6:05 pm

Bad, I used to always take what critics said and apply the exact opposite… I made a modern day presumption that with the onslaught of online self-professed film critics that have opinions more in line with the general public, that the mainstream critics would step it up a notch… my bad!!! LOL.

Badinfluence December 18, 2010 at 9:53 am

I never go on what critics say, at least I’d rather watch a movie and decide for myself if it was good or not. Still the numerous negative critics did get me worried a bit. I enjoyed reading your review Bruce and I must say, the worry I had has vanished. I’m all excited again to see this movie, so hopefully Europe doesn’t have to wait too long.

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