TRUE BLOOD Goes Out Like A Used Candle Wick

by on August 27, 2014

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I don’t know about you, but after the series finale of True Blood on HBO, I’m not sure what to think. It’s a series finale, so these are always met with mixed emotions. But True Blood, in complete contrast to its very existence as a series, ended on a lull of a quiet note.

Like a candle wick. The show started with a bright burn, it stayed solid as it crawled down the wick, then fluttered and flickered, quietly going out as it hit the wax. That’s how I saw the finale of True Blood… it quietly stopped.

SPOILERS To Follow if you’re a time-shifted viewer….

Everyone got what they wanted or needed. Depending on your perspective.

Eric and Pam became rich off of “New Blood.” Plus, I think that we could get an entire new series out of those two and “New Blood.”

Hoyt and Jessica finally got married, proving true love can happen, no matter how many chances it has. Though some fans were irked on the amount of time spent on these two love birds.

Jason Stackhouse found himself the perfect wife, while we had other great endings for happy couples like Andy and Holly, Arlene and vampire Keith, and Sam And Nicole.

Earlier in the season, we were dealt some exits via (almost not) shocking deaths, like Tara biting it in the first few moments of the season, and Alcide’s passing, making fans think this would be a violent season.  But alas, aside from Eric closing out his troubles with the mob hunting for the cure, there wasn’t much in the “extremely traumatic action” category to the season.

They found the cure to the vampire disease, but alas, Bill Compton didn’t want to take it, leaving Sookie in a splatter pool of his own blood as he let himself die. Though to be honest, some fans were waiting for a twist, since Bill was infected by Fairy blood.

In contrast to the usual strife from the show, the last few episodes spelled out like a typical soap opera.

And that final scene, that last supper, if you will, where everyone was sitting down to eat and Sookie was walking around pregnant, and the editing working hard to not show who, what normal human, she settled down with, well, could be viewed as the much earned peace and quiet all of our beloved characters deserved (Well, the ones that lived), or in a very quiet, boring, run-of-the-mill series closer.

No tricky fade to black, no last scene that has an open-ended interpretation, nothing too tricky, just boring and peaceful.

It was a fun run for True Blood and its author.

After over 100 industry awards, from the TCAs, SAG, Screamfest, Scream, Primetime Emmy, People’s Choice, Golden Globe and other awards, the show has parked it with some great accolades.

The show introduced Alexander Skarsgard, Anna Paquin, Joe Manganiello, Deborah Ann Woll, Ryan Kwanten and Stephen Moyer, to name a few, to new fans, as well as giving established fans something to watch their favorites in.

We learned that if you were mind-reader, you barely ever had to go to work and that fairy blood is rather intoxicating to vampires. In this world, rather than a clean and dusty death of turning to ash, vampires left one hell of a mess behind when they exploded in a pool of blood.

All based of the book series, The Sookie Stackhouse (Southern Vampire) Mysteries, by Charlaine Harris.

Truth be told, there is only so far you can go with a TV series, while doing it well. True Blood did not suck (no pun), but it was getting a bit trifle in my household as it seemed, it was with HBO’s ratings. After so many seasons, I almost didn’t care about the show and the only reason I kept watching was that I had invested multiple years into the first few seasons.
And it was a quiet closing for a TV series, that’s for sure.  Goodnight True Blood and thank you HBO for the show.

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