‘True Blood’ Season Finale Recap & Review [Spoilers]

by on September 11, 2011

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True Blood‘s 4th season finale aired tonight and we were shown the resolutions we were hoping for while being given a few new expected and unexpected twists or developments.

There are spoilers abound in this beast of a write up:

See ya Marnie!

With Marnie having inhabited Lafayette’s body, she wanted the power that Jesus had been wielding.  She forced him to give it up, but in the process, she killed Jesus.

But in the end, Tara finds Jesus’s body, gathers up Sookie and Holly and together, they find Marnie while she’s in the act of trying to burn Eric and Bill at the stake.  But the girls manage to wrangle up some spirits, Antonia, and they take her away.

Jason, Hoyt and Jessica

Jason finally man’s up and tells Hoyt about him and Jessica.  Though I was worried that Jason chose a moment while Hoyt was using a chainsaw and there was a large wood chipper on the scene, I didn’t really have to worry.  But Hoyt did deck him.

Then later Jessica tells Jason she doesn’t want a relationship, just this physical thing they seem to enjoy.  Jason says that would have been nice to know sooner!  LOL.  But they still work something out that will last between them, for now.

Other True Blood Finale Incidentals

Scott Foley in TRUE BLOOD

Andy apologizes to Holly for his idiot addiction.  It’s a nice, real moment between them.  (though I’m wondering what happened to that wood-nymph he encountered in the previous episode.)

Sam is getting odd in the head.  He seems to be making excuses for things his now-dead brother did.  Makes me wonder if this is really Sam or not.

Terry’s old military friend (Scott Foley) shows up at Sam’s restaurant.  But later, Arlene is haunted by the late Rene who warns her about Foley’s character.

Sookie breaks up with both Eric and Bill.  (She’s getting good at this breaking up at the end of the season thing.)

Jesus appears to Lafayette and says goodbye.

True Blood Closing Teasers

Nan shows up at Bill’s to tell him and Eric that the council is coming for them, but instead, the two guys take out Nan in a “true death” sort of way.

Remember when Eric buried Russell Edgington?  It would seem that the parking lot where he was buried seems to have a new hole in the ground where he used to be.  They should have offed him when they had a chance.

Debbie shows up at Sookie’s place to kill Sookie and Tara intervenes and gets shot in the head.  Sookie gets real mad and blows Debbie’s head off.  The last we see of Sookie is her screaming for someone to help.


Great True Blood Quotes and Observations

While Jesus was arguing with Marnie, she wanted to trade powers and Jesus says:

You can’t trade magic like f*ing Pokemon cards!

Deborah Ann Woll in True Blood

When Jessica is at Jason’s Place:

After their wild sex, they’re talking and as she gets close to Jason and her fangs do an involuntary response to her proximity to Jason and pop out.

She says, “Sorry, low blood sugar.

And a guy’s observation:  Jessica shows up in a red riding hood looking outfit, looking extremely hot.  (It’s Halloween in the show.)


And that’s more or less it for my quickie True Blood season 4 season finale recap.  It was a good episode that left us with wrapped up story lines and just a few teasers for the upcoming season that don’t leave you totally aghast and waiting for next season.

Not that I’m not.  Just sayin’.

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