True Blood Season Three finale – A Reflection of Sorts

by on September 12, 2010

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True Blood season finale

The third season finale of True Blood has come to a close on a wild and wacky season of werewolfs, vampires and fairies!

Where do I begin?

King Russell is buried.  Tara has driven away and the way that was set up, it felt like a suicide saying goodbye to everyone and everything she knows.  Or she was just saying a final farewell to drive off to a new start.

Lafayette is whacking out with a wild side affect from the drugs he took with Jesus.

Eric seems to be back on track and not hiding anymore, now that he buried King Russell under concrete.  Though if it were me, I would have staked him and watched him go splat.  With Russell buried, I fully expect him to show back up next season.  (But that’s just an educated guess)

I knew Cedric was going to show up this season, but I didn’t realize it would be as a ghost, a vision, appearing to Eric, begging that Eric use forgiveness.  I suspect Eric may have a change of heart and possibly release Russell.

Bill has finally come clean with Sookie and in the true surprise of the True Blood finale, it seems that Bill had set up the his meeting Sookie all along.  Things may not have been as we thought all along.  Plus, the math doesn’t add up for Bill surviving a go at it with the Queen, but funny things can happen!

As far as Sam Merlotte shooting at his brother goes, I didn’t hear a body drop or the bag he was carrying hit the ground.

That’s more or less where we stand with the season finale of True Blood.  Now the wait kicks in and we keep an eye out for new cast announcements and what not until the 4th season of True Blood, which they’re now filming.

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