True Blood – Their First Real Emotion and Bill is Ticking Me Off

by on August 12, 2012

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Stephen Moyer in True Blood ep Gone Gone GoneI watch True Blood every week, but I don’t chat about it much.  But tonight the show hit a new high and a new annoyance with me in this household.

First up, I absolutely love the new Tara.  Up until this season, she was more annoying than entertaining.  But this season, she’s turned into a true ass-kicker.  And tonight, she beheaded the new sheriff of sector 5!!!

Russell Edgington has gone off his rocker and blown the coop from the Authority.  He wants to taste the sun!  (Fairy blood)

I still can’t decide if Bill has truly converted or just playing it up for whatever reason of his.  If he’s converted, then what the bloody heck is going on?

Then there’s the Hoyt/Jessica/Jason development.

Ryan Kwanten and Deborah Ann Woll in True Blood episode Gone Gone Gone 0

Hoyt has decided to head to Alaska and get away from the town where everything he cared about left or turned on him.  But in so doing, he asked Jessica to glam him into forgetting about her and Jason.

Between the actual moment of glamming and later, as Jason gets a grip on the fact that his lifelong buddy is leaving, he too has quite the touching moment.

As far as I know, this is the most emotional scene I’ve ever seen on the show.  Kudos to the show… and we only have 2 episodes left of this sixth season of HBO’s True Blood.

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