TV Broadcast Reminder: Earth’s Final Hours on Syfy; w/ Teaser Trailer

by on December 16, 2011

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Earth's Final Hours on Syfy

TV reminder:  Earth’s Final Hours is premiering on Syfy this Saturday night, 12-17-11. [Updated 12-18-11: At the link, you can check out my TV Review of the movie.]

Earth’s Final Hours cast includes Hamza Adam, Stargate Universe‘s Julia Benson, Cameron Bright, Bruce Davison, & Robert Knepper… it’s directed by David Hogan and written by David Ray and Robert Westcott, and Rachelle S. Howie.

Director Hogan’s past experience includes Soldier of God, as this storyboard artist’s only other TV movie directorial experience, but on TV series’, he’s directed Deadliest Warrior and Fashion House.

The writers past experience includes Ray: Ice Quake & Mandrake.  Westcott, I Witness, and Howie, Behemoth.


This Syfy movie involves dense matter scuttling through space and hitting the Earth.  This messes up the Earth’s rotation and of course, that’s devastating, as this messes up the planet’s rotation.

Meanwhile, some Feds are looking for a lost satellite network that can somehow save mankind.

Now if you are one of the folks that pay close attention to this site, because, you know, this site is riveting, you’ll probably remember I told you about Earth’s Final Hours back in December of 2010 in a personality profile of Robert Knepper.

Robert Knepper and Julia Benson from Earth's Final Hours a Syfy Channel MovieKnepper and Benson on-set of Earth’s Final Hours

If this movie plays on par with past Original Saturday night movies from Syfy, it will pull in around two million viewers, and we’ll be treated to interesting acting and “fascinating” special effects.  Hey, budget is budget, right?

We’ll see how it pans out… as Earth’s Final Hours airs on the Syfy channel, Saturday night at 9p.m..

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