TV: Joss Whedon on Fox Pulling Dollhouse

by on October 27, 2009

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I previously reported on Dollhouse being pulled for November during the sweeps month. I had conjectured how Joss might have felt.

Well, it seems that Joss Whedon has weighed in on the subject with the following statement:

Well, I’m not as depressed as everyone else. We weren’t about to rock sweeps anyway, and though there’s a chilly November, December is CRAZY. It’s like an Advent calendar of episodes! We get November to try to spread the word (which I’ll be leaning on Fox to do, though it’s hard to imagine them doing as good a job as the WhyIWatch guy) and then December is pure gluttony. Plus the episodes line up extremely well in these pairs, and we’ll have an absurdly appropriate lead-in.

So for the Dollhouse fans who are still sticking around, we have November to rile people up about watching the show and get new viewers on board.

Just be careful to pick TV viewers who are deeply into character studies of sorts. Most of today’s viewers want answers now and I don’t think this show is for them.

-source: Whedonesque

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