TV Movie Review of Syfy Channel’s ‘Rage of the Yeti’

by on November 13, 2011

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Rage of the Yeti Syfy TV Movie ReviewRage of the Yeti was directed by Stargate‘s David Hewlett and written by Brooks Peck and Craig Engler.  The cast includes David Chokachi (Beyond the Break, Witchblade), Matthew Kevin Anderson, Yancy Butler (Kick-Ass, Witchblade), and a slewful of other victims, I mean cast.

This is Hewlett’s first directorial monster movie project.

Normally, someone dies in the first two minutes of a Syfy movie, but we went 5 minutes before the untimely demise of our first victim.

In the opener, a research team encounters an angry group of Yetis.  There are a few back and forth scenes as they run from them, shoot at them, run from them, shoot the Yetis.

The Yetis sort of look like a skinny polar bear with huge dragon fangs.  But they run like mountain gorillas.  Not the classic Yeti we all know and love.

We then switch to a scene in Spain and meet our two heroes, Jace (Anderson) and Jonas (Chokachi), facing off against a group of armed gunmen… but the armed gunmen get a phone call and it’s for our heroes.  They’re being called off this mission to go on a rescue mission for the scientists.

We then see a large airplane coming to land in range of our now stranded researchers, but before it lands, a yeti throws itself into the engine of the aircraft and it crashes and blows up.

Back to our rescuers getting on an airplane with a rescue team… one of them asks about “our” heroes huge ammo, so they show them an advertisement video on their smartphone that we’re treated to with a man shooting the ammo, with two hot babes in bikinis.  Odd.

And it goes on from there.

I like Hewlett, who live tweeted during the movie all night, across all time zones.  (I thought that was cool that he did that.  Usually live-tweeting seems to only take place during the ET show times.)  I also like Engler, who tweets from the Syfy Twitter account with all kinds of useful info.  But I have to say that this movie seemed to have huge budgetary challenges and the creative team behind the movie were severely limited.

Our heroes try to be witty, snarky, brave and tough, but they don’t quite pull any off it off.  Yancy Butler is, well, reminds me her Witchblade role in this movie and does quick, miraculous deeds throughout the movie.

A lot of the outdoor scenes seemed to be poorly choreographed/filmed/edited.  And sadly, about 70% of the movie was outdoors.  And as with most of Syfy’s classic popcorn-fun Saturday night movie, the editing of the monsters eating the humans consisted of actors running from the camera and monsters taking swings at the camera/viewer.

But early on in the movie, David Hewlett, as the rich guy financing everything, was asked if he can get a rescue plane to our victims in a day.  He replied, “Through a Stargate, maybe.”

Nice!  Thanks for the reference David!

The movie was mostly outside, and I guess in bad weather, as the cast tended to yell constantly in the outside scenes.

It was pretty hard to get through and I’m bummed to have to say that about a David Hewlett directed movie.  But I have to call it as I suffer through it.  Plain and simple.  And the last movie the Craig Engler contributed to as a writer, wasn’t bad and I expected more from this TV movie.

For once, I can say that if you miss this movie, I don’t think you’ll be missing much.!/livehewlett/;

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