TV News Bites: STARZ Writes A Contract; A Real Housewive Breaks Contract

by on September 30, 2011

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Brusimm Cinema Static TV NewsTV News bits for a Spartacus Vengeance showrunner and a little bit of reality for a New Jersey Housewife.


News on the word is that STARZ has signed Steven S. DeKnight to an exclusive two-year overall deal. If the name is ringing a bell but you can’t quite figure it out, he’s the Executive Producer and Showrunner for Spartacus Vengeance on STARZ.

BTW: Spartacus Vengeance (season 2) will premiere its second season on STARZ in January of 2012 and he will be a part of that.

But this deal has me wondering if STARZ is keyholing DeKnight so they can keep creating more Spartacus? And if not, I’m sure whatever else he does should pretty much kick butt. Spartacus has been a surprisingly good story, despite the obvious outer wrapping of bloddy violence.

So be it.


Interesting Bit on Reality TV Participants

Jacqueline Laurita is in a wee bit of legal hotwater with Bravo. It seems that Laurita didn’t show up for a reunion event with the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Now for you and me, when we decide to not show at some party, that’s that.

But when you’re a reality TV cast member, you’re under contract with the whatever franchise you’ve become a part of. Sure, they’re paid for it, but in this case, Laurita skipped the season 3 cast reunion.

In all the noise, there were various tweets and such of a dramatic nature. What would you expect from a reality TV cast? There will be more over at THR if you’re interested.

In the meantime, she’s waiting to see what legal action Bravo will be taking for her bailing on her contractual obligations.

[ THR ]

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