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by on April 24, 2012

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Brusimm Cinema Static TV NewsToday I have a little contract news for NBC’s The Voice, Fox’s American Idol and some other spots, like the Rockford Files remake casting news. Check it out below:

The Voice

If you love The Voice on NBC (well, aside from that little girl who keeps claiming that this that and the other thing is trending worldwide on Twitter… seriously… she needs to look more closely at her monitor!), you’re not alone. Plenty of people like the show too.

I think it’s awesome to see the judges step up and perform, and it’s introduced me to Cee-Lo Green and Blake Shelton. (Now when he [Blake] pops up in NASCAR ads, I know who he is!)

Well, the gang is mostly set with new contracts for a third season, and I have to say, we must like the A LOT!

According to Deadline Hollywood, NBC is close to closing the deal with one last person of the quartet to have another round of The Voice in an upcoming season.

But if you’re wondering how much we really like the show, you can always see what they’re paid as a gauge of sorts.

Deadline says that Adam Levine, Cee-Lo Green and Brad are going to have third season salaries in the high seven-figure range! With Christina Aguilera getting more than the others!



American Idol

Speaking of crazy deals, I wonder how Brian Dunkelman is doing and how hard he’s kicking himself these days?

Despite a ratings decline, THR is reporting that Fox has signed up Ryan Seacrest with a new two-year deal worth $15M per year. (It must suck to be him! NOT!)

The ratings for American Idol have faded by almost 20%, but apparently there’s hope.

Then again, Fox wants to keep him on a leash for other projects too… and you can’t blame them.


And if you’re an avid Facebook user who is not afraid of how FB treats it’s bevy of users, THR has launched a Facebook App for their entertainment news.

I’m not sure what the advantage is over liking or following them, but since I am a bit of a privacy hound, I’m staying away for now since the app does seem to want to be able to post on your behalf… for some reason.

I’m sure there will be a few folk out there who will love this new wrinkle in getting and sharing their Hollywood based news!


The Rockford Files

Oh, and since I’m talking TV and this is so not really related, except that it used to be a TV show, back when the wheel was still newly round…

Vince Vaughn is going to the remake of The Rockford Files.

As a kid, I loved that show… and I think Vaughn may just pull this role off. He has the right ‘umph’ for both serious and humorous, so I approve.

Though I wonder what happened for Alan Tudyk to have pulled out of the project. Probably just got busy with other projects.


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