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Below is a few pieces of TV news for the following shows: Dexter, Survivor, The Cleveland Show, Da Vinci’s Demons, Defiance, Falling Skies, The Newsroom, Grimm & Copper.

But first, a bit about the obvious from this terrible week here on U.S. soil

It’s been a sad & tragic week for many people involved with the Boston Marathon event, as a few spineless children chose to maim & kill runners, their spouses and their children. My thoughts are with my fellow runners and neighbors who have been impacted by this heinous deed.

Consumer Warning: Beware of bogus charity accounts trying to take advantage of people’s generosity. Andy real charity has to register with a state agency before looking for donations. Also, in times like this, the major known charities will have their own programs up and running.

As any regular visitor knows, I have my cancer charity links in my sidebar for a reason. But that won’t stop me from searching out a reputable Boston Marathon Victim’s Charity and adding to my monthly outgoing stipend.

Yes… BruSimm cares.

TV News from the week that was, ending 4-19-13:

Did you know that Grimm is moving to Tuesdays following The Voice, starting April 30th? NBC feels the show can pull better ratings on Tuesdays. That’s good news that the network feels it can pull more viewers in, though I’m not sure about The Voice being a good lead-in for Grimm.

If you watch BBC America’s series, Copper, and you’re a fan of Alfre Woodward, you will be tickled to know she is joining the cast for the 2nd season of the show.

FYI: TNT’s Falling Skies third season premiere will be on June 9th! The promos look pretty exciting. They’ve got new aliens (Remember that cool guy that landed in that final scene of the season finale?) Are they friend or foe? We’ll see.

Has Anyone seen HBO’s The Newsroom? It will be returning for its second season series premiere on Sunday, July 14th, 2013. It’s a rather riveting series where Jeff Daniels just hits it out of the park as a no-frills, hard-hitting journalist tackling the day-to-day business of doing the news, doing it right rather than pandering to ratings, and dodging some of his own personal bullets.

I’d recommend going to check out the first season if you are able to and see what you think. I’d suggest giving the first few eps a chance before marking your score card!

Heaven just got funnier with Jonathan Winters having recently passed away.

If you’re a Syfy network watcher or fan, then you know that Defiance premiered this last Monday. I predict it will be on the bubble because they have what seems to be an intricate or complex set of characters that will, in time, suck you into the realm of caring about them. If you can find someone to relate to in the series.

Defiance is a transmedia event, where it’s also supported by an online role playing game. That very game, (if the show makes it into a season 2), will help formulate part of any upcoming events for season two.

Neat, huh?

I have to say, when Dave Howe came on board Syfy from the BBC, he said that they first have to make the network strong enough to be able to take risks and produce more sci-fi. So sure, they have a huge plate of reality series. But that is what pays the bills and what many folks tend to gravitate to.

But now, they’ve jumped in feet first with this Defiance project, and they have a huge slew of upcoming sci-fi series in the works.

So Dave Howe kept his word. It’s time to start looking at Syfy again as your potential good source of Sci-fi.

(And I swear, if I see another site call it SyFy, with that capital ‘F,’ I’m going to scream! Let’s get professional folks!)

Starz announced another ridiculous early renewal for a show that has only had one episode out so far, called Da Vinci’s Demons.

I gotta say, I was very underwhelmed by the series premiere and shocked that Starz would make that kind of marketing pitch about renewing it so early.

(If you stick around this site, you know that I think super early renewal announcements are nothing but marketing ploys to get people to think the show must be worthy of checking out if they’re renewing it so early. But that’s just me. I’m cynical that way.)

Word on the street is that The Cleveland Show could be cancelled. Fox denies that it’s cancelled. BUT… they haven’t renewed it either. Tomayto, Tomahtoe.

If you watch Survivor, then you probably saw one of the ultimate tribal councils do date… seriously.

If you haven’t seen it yet, skip this next paragraph.

When “island mouse 1” is a target, but gets the immunity idol. Then “island mouse 2” is the target of the bully gang. But then “island mouse #3,” who happened to also have 2 of the hidden immunity idols in his possession, gave one to mouse #2 and the three of them, (dubbed The Three Amigos) totally screwed over the bully gang’s plans, and it barely took any votes for the nuttiest doofball in the history of Survivor to get eliminated. See ya Phillip! It’s been nice… no interesting, at best.

On the Dexter Facebook page, Showtime announced that the 8th season of Dexter, is going to be its last season. It will be a fond farewell to one of the very first (and successful) anti-heroes on television.


And that’s some of the worthy TV news from the land of TV.

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