TV News: ‘Doctor Who’ Is Losing Matt Smith

by on October 26, 2011

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Matt Smith as the Doctor in 'Doctor Who'

It seems that the newest Doctor, as in Doctor Who, is looking to different pastures come the post 2012/2013 season. Or, in plain, non-tricky English, Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who. Or so the speculation goes.

The article is based on a VH-1 interview where, in the interview, Smith is quoted to saying:

“Ive got another year of Doctor Who,” he said, “but then Im certainly going to come and give it a shot, come and hang out in LA.”

They hang other conjecture on a slip up in another interview where he said

“When I finish [Doctor Who], Ill be” he paused at this point, seemingly realizing that he was about to give something away, “Well, I dont know how old Ill be, but by the end of next year Ill be 29 so”

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If true, Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who will be such a traumatic swing of casting.

When he was first pulled into the role after a seemingly long hunt, many fans were in an uproar about how young he was. This, about a time lord who can appear any age after his regeneration.

But fans got over it and now, now he’s one of the most popular Doctor’s about. Heck I thought I liked David Tennant, but Matt Smith grew on my rather well!

Brusimm Cinema Static TV NewsSo if he is leaving, this will put the actor swap in the middle of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, and will also be bringing in the twelfth actor to play the Doctor.

The next season, purportedly his last, will kick back in, in late 2012, going into 2013.

And my question that arises from this news is what is it that’s driving the actors to move on so quickly from the series? First Tennant, now Smith.

Admittedly, the show lost its luster with my household as they returned to the old style of story telling, starting out an episode that seemed more confusing than fluid, and via what felt like fragmented plot points, the story would develop to the point of the viewer NEEDING to see what comes of everyone in the 2nd half of the episode.

But more and more frequently, I found myself veering from the first half of the ep and finding out things that made more sense to me, to watch.

But let it be known that I do have both Tennant’s and Smiths Sonic Screwdrivers! So I’m sure I’ll probably end up with another one in another year or two! Cripes!

I’m befuddled by this new development. Do YOU think it’s true? How so you feel about it?

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paul forcey October 27, 2011 at 7:15 am

I am not really surprised, but it does seem to be that people aren’t hanging around very long. Maybe the toy makers push them just so they can make new sonic screwdrivers.

I am not sure I will miss him really. I tend to think the only way to watch Dr Who now is in bulk, as they seem to have clue after clue to stuff that will happen later in the series.

I actually missed quite a few episodes this year as I just didn’t feel the need to drag myself away from whatever I was doing. Maybe they will call it good again for a few years at the end of his run, but I doubt it

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