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by on September 30, 2011

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Brusimm Cinema Static TV NewsSaw a few TV News bits for Parenthood and a new Boston Rob reality TV show.  Yep, that guy just can’t get enough!

For the Parenthood fan, you might be happy to hear that NBC has ordered two additional episodes of the familial drama for this, the third season.

This will now bring the episode count of Parenthood up to 18 total episodes for the year.  Nice!

I guess the TV ratings for the show seem to be showing enough stability to order more episodes.  Either that or some of their new shows are pulling the weight htey were hoping for.

Eh, who knows.

[TV Guide]

Did you know that Boston Rob has himself a new kind of show?  Yep, Boston Rob returns to reality TV, but this time, rather than building shelters out of bamboo sticks or figuring out how to get from China to South America with other contestants on his tail, this time around Rob Mariano can be found in Around the World in 80 Ways.

This show, which premieres on October 2nd on the History Channel, Rob Mariano teams up with Dennis Anderson, a monster truck driver, and they will be travelling thousands of miles over a 10 week period of time using what ever means possible to get from point A to point B.  Whether that be mules or whatever form of transportation they choose to deploy in that episode.

Apparently the two had their ups and downs with each other on the different trips.

There’s more at TV Guide.


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