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by on January 21, 2015

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Today’s new bits include Eva Longoria, Will Arnett, movies based on Dolly Parton songs, a new Heroes series, Gary Sinise, Empire, Gotham, X-Files, Prison Break, Revenge, Shark Tank, and Nashville.

I’ve tried to keep the bits in the order I just noted if you’re looking for anything specific:

Eva Longoria will be getting another show, a sitcom titled Telenovela, on NBC. NBC has ordered 13 episodes.

Will Arnett is getting a sitcom on Netflix called Flaked. There will be eight episodes and it’s due out in 2016.

NBC making movies off of country music?

Yep, NBC is developing a bunch of TV movies based off of songs from Dolly Parton. So basically, they’re trying to compete with the Hallmark Channel and their soapy stories.

Heroes Again?

Yep, NBC is taking another swing at the Heroes franchise by creating a show called Heroes Reborn. Zachary Levi has landed a part in it.

Gary Sinise

Remember when Gary Sinise stepped into the world of television when he took the job at CSI:NY? It looks like he’ll be tackling another cop role in a Criminal Minds spinoff. He’ll first show up in an episode to test the audience reaction. To be honest, he has a great demeanor for playing a cop, and his last gig in “NY” lasted quite a while.  We’ll see how this goes.

I used to watch Criminal Minds regularly but lost track of it a few seasons ago as other new content took over my waking hours.

TV Series Renewals

Fox is enjoying how the Nielsen families are responding to a a few of their shows and hence, they’ve announced that they are renewing Empire, Gotham and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Re-Dos (Code for Remakes)

Just when you thought networks were starting to tap into their originality IQs, they go and blow it. With some of their original content paying off, now they’re using their way-back machine and dredging up some old material. I guess they’ve tapped out their originality quotas.

Fox is chatting with American Idol‘s Simon Cowell about a new reality series, they’re chatting up Chris Carter about rebooting X-Files and looking for some new twist or series based on the Prison Break series. Dudes, how many ways can you break out of prison?

Series Cancellations

I hope you weren’t hooked on Benched over on USA. The cable network is declined to pick up a second season of legal comedy.

Judging from recent media releases, it looks like ABC is probably keeping Revenge around, considering they’ve announced that they have “great story lines coming up” for the series and they have ideas of how to reinvent it. Again.

Either that or they’re just feeding the press and fans what they want to hear until there is an official announcement about the renewal or cancellation of the series.

Shark Tank is coming back, as is Nashville, which surprised industry experts because the ratings for the country singing series have flat lined. My guess is that if ratings don’t pick up, Nashville might be doomed after next season.

And banking off the non-originality theme yet again, ABC is trying their hand at a hidden camera series called Repeat After Me, and is based off of Ellen DeGeneres‘ hidden camera skits.

That’s all I have for now from recent media press releases and announcements.

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