TV News: Ratings for a Friday , Grimm; The Loss of Legend: Andy Rooney

by on November 5, 2011

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Brusimm Cinema Static TV NewsAndy Rooney passed away Friday, a mere one month after signing off with his last telecast on the 60 Minutes news broadcast. Andy Rooney was 92 and died from complications from what’s called a minor surgery.

He was a cornerstone of wry wit, reflecting on trends and fads with that usual, “Why do we really need it” kind of perspective. His observations left no stone unturned as he pondered being a pack-rat, hoarding celebrity autographs and the latest social trends on the internet.

He was always on the leading edge of what ever was happening and he was mostly always right for the thirty-three years that he spouted his observations WHY? on the air.


So the after-Friday reports are coming out and without baseball going on, other shows benefited from that. Or at least that’s how it’s being spun in some circles.

For Grimm fans (Check out my Grimm season premiere TV review), it’s numbers dropped, but still beat out the other genre show, Fringe. (5.9 vs 3.3 million estimated viewers.)

Plus, (at least for me), I might even expect the Live+7 numbers to drop a little. But only because in VoD, they’ve locked out the fast forward feature and the appeal to go catch it that way isn’t so strong for me. I’m preferring Grimm to Fringe at the moment… But then again I haven’t caught the latest Fringe episode yet, now that Peter is back.

Jensen Ackles as Dean, Jared Padalecki as Sam in SUPERNATURAL on The CW

And Supernatural held firm. Man, was that a fantastic, classic ghost-haunting episode from Supernatural. It rivaled Paranormal Activity with a few of its scenes and was a total blast to watch… plus the Winchester brothers might… I say might be back on the same page and not hating each other.

The cult fave, Chuck dropped a bit also, down to 3.1M viewers. And that is to be expected. No matter how much everyone likes a show, other things happen. But as this show comes up on its final few episodes, the numbers will, as always with any show that ends, skyrocket!

But that’s how genre Friday went!

Oh, yea, there’s Syfy, but they have wrestling on and I never even get over there after 10p.m.. I’m sure I’ll catch Sanctuary some other day when I’m out of shows to watch over on VoD.

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