TV News: Renewals for ‘Simpsons’, ‘SYTYCD’, ‘MasterChef’ + Some Opinion

by on October 8, 2011

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Brusimm Cinema Static TV NewsThe latest TV news for TV Show renewals has been a bit busy over the last week as news on the street was circulating with threatening titles that looked like The Simpsons was possibly getting canceled, or huge pay cuts were on the horizon for the popular animated Fox TV show.

First up: The Simpsons has been renewed for two more years, giving them a 24th and 25th season.  This new contract will also include their 500th episode.

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The news started up as we all heard about the woes between the cast of The Simpsons and Fox.  Basically, Fox ran up against the financial wall and had to make some decisions.

Then we heard about the ultimatum Fox delivered about cutting salaries.

Rumors of the renewal included the idea that the cast may have taken a potential 45% pay cut and get no residuals. Nothing has been confirmed but being that the cast already had back-end profit deals, not taking a new deal isn’t huge.

Admittedly, taking a pay cut is a refreshing thing to see, and it’s a confusing… conundrum.

TV shows become popular in the ratings and advertisers will pay for those slots.  But as the shows continue on, cast want salary increases, much like any of us would want in our jobs.  But with salary increases, the difference between network investment costs (production, salaries, crew, etc.) & profit become smaller.  At some point, the business model of a TV show no longer becomes a viable business model.  Hence, we see TV cancellations.

Hence, as our beloved TV shows become a part of our TV life, they are on a finite life-span.  We tend to forget amongst our emotional commitments, that this thing called TV is a business.  Even I do.

I’ve always pondered that amongst the millions that some cast make, how they can’t manage to even out their needs for money versus their fans wishes.  Like I said, it’s a bit of a conundrum and I understand a person’s desire to make more money.  But at times, I see cast make from one to eight hundred thousand dollars an episode, seems, well, excessive!  At least when I look at my own personal income and budget!

But that’s just me.

Other TV Renewal News

Oh yea…  I forgot…  while Fox was making the news with their embattled-looking renewal negotiations for The Simpsons, they also were negotiating some cooking and dancing entertainment TV shows as well.

So You Think You Can Dance was renewed for a 9th season and MasterChef for its 3rd!

That means that more of Nigel, Mary, Cat Deely and the rest of the rotating slew of guest judges on SYTYCD.  The show had a slew of Emmy nominations from the previous season and that’s cool.  No, it’s not rocket science, it’s a bit of artistry that isn’t horrible to watch.

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