TV News: The Killing Returns, Touch Pushed, And Emily Owens Demise

by on December 1, 2012

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tv newsHey all, here’s a few things to ponder for your future TV viewing habits. News is that The Killing is coming back, Touch is delayed again and Emily Owens has been cancelled.

First up,

The Killing

Mireille Enos in 'The Killing' season finale - who murdered Rosie?

A while back we reported on how AMC was looking to share production costs with Netflix to bring The Killing back for a third season. But as of this moment, Variety is reporting that the creative team behind the TV series is back at work, though no one has yet stepped up to confirm the info.

What’s interesting is that Variety notes that when other parties started showing interest in the show, AMC stepped back up and got the wheels rolling again.

Any future press releases from AMC will confirm and shore up the details on exactly what’s up, but it seems pretty certain that The Killing is returning, and best guess is that it will do so in May of 2013.

Now, if they do it right this time, like the Danish series this American remake is based off of, they’ll get it right and encapsulate the case to a single season.


Kiefer Sutherland in Touch

Once again, the second season of Touch on Fox has been delayed. It was originally slated to premiere its second season back in October, but now the show will be returning on with their two-hour premiere on February 8th, 2013.

That’s a huge change but close to when the first season had premiered.

I wonder what’s up? But Kitchen Nightmares took its place in its original premiere date.


Emily Owens Cancelled

I’m sorry to say, but The CW has cancelled Emily Owens.

Production of the series will “wrap” of the initial 13-episode order and and run out the season of episodes.

But what went wrong? The conjecture is that the show followed Hart of Dixie and that TV series wasn’t generating a ton of viewers. When a show has a weak lead-in and is a bit iffy to begin with, it will suffer a fate. Sort of like when some shows get moved to Fridays.

Sorry gang.


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