TV Review: ABC’s New Series Motive Is An Entertaining Ride

by on May 24, 2013

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Kristin Lehman, Louis Ferreira in Motive

Tonight’s episode of Motive on ABC was a truly surprising pleasure to watch.  If you missed it, catch it.  You too, just might find yourself surprised.

ABC’s Motive stars Brendan Penny (Stargate Atlantis), Kristin Lehman (The Killing), Louis Ferreira (Stargate Universe, Primeval: New World), Lauren Holly (NCIS), & Roger R. Cross (Arrow, Continuum, 24).

The marketing of this show says that viewers know the killer, the victim and the crime itself.  What viewers don’t know is why, and that, is the focus of the series.

In tonight’s episode, titled “Crimes of Passion,” we saw and followed who the murderer was, the victim and the crime itself.

As the episode developed, we first met everyone, got some of their stories, saw the murder, saw some background on events leading up to the crime, then we were left to wonder why it happened.

Clues are dropped throughout that you can take a guess at.  They’re not subtle, but the “why” will stay hidden until the last 10 minutes.

I didn’t think this could be pulled off, but the did pull it off.  I was kept intrigued, wondering and guessing as the episode developed.

Kristin Lehman looks and acts so much differently from her role in The Killing, that I almost missed it was her.  And being a fan of Ferreira, I always enjoy his gruff roles.  Hello again to Lauren Holly.  It’s been too long since seeing her in something decent on TV.  And another actor I like, Roger Cross, was great to see too.  He’s pretty busy these days.

Daniel Cerone is credited with being the creator of the series, whose credits on TV include Exec producing The Mentalist, Dirty Sexy Money and Dexter.  He’s exec produced and written 13 episodes worth of mystery for Motive, so I’m thinking this should be a pretty decent first season.

James Thorpe also wrote (co-wrote) the 13 scripts with Cerone.  His resume includes Lost Girl & Sanctuary.

I’m thinking, even if I had not seen this latest episode, that Motive has potential.   And if they keep the mysteries of why as engaging as tonight’s ep, this will be a fun summer series.

I’ll definitely be tuning in for more.

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