TV Review: Earth’s Final Hours; & Kudos to Dir David Hogan

by on December 17, 2011

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Earth's Final Hours on Syfy

This is a TV review of Syfy channel’s Saturday Night Original movie, Earth’s Final Hours.

Earth’s Final Hours opens with a few quick scenes to set up the situation for the Syfy TV movie viewer.

We watch something hurtling through space towards Earth.

We see two federal agents, (played by Robert Knepper and Alex Zahara) looking at some DirecTV-looking dishes in a field.  (Robert Knepper note:  He has no accent and he’s the good guy.  How weird.)

The feds find the guy setting up the dishes, but something comes out of the sky and drills him through the chest.  Before the scientist dies, he asks agent Streich (Knepper) to “Take care of my circles”

We watch a conversation between two uber-secret govt guys in Washington, talking about the scientist who just became the human hole-punch.

We then meet a scientist, Chloe Edwards, played by Stargate Universe‘s Julia Benson.

Then we meet Streich’s son, Andy (Cameron Bright).  The meddling computer geek son who manages to break into computers and never listen to his father’s requests.

About mid-movie, we meet Bruce Davison, who plays the scientist who understands what’s happening and how to fix or stop things, using a satellite system that’s in orbit already, set to go.  He knows what the circles statement means.

After we’ve met everyone and the stage is set, beams of fire do their thing and wreak havoc around the Earth.  And the chase is on… for Agent Streich and Chloe Edwards, who are up against the feds, in trying to fix the global disaster.


I’m starting to appreciate your inability to listen to me.“  A fantastic quote (I hope that got that right/accurate) from Knepper to Bright, on agent Streich’s son never listening to him, while he shows up and save his dad’s ass in a situation.


Director David Hogan hit one out of the park for the Syfy channel with Earth’s Final Hours.

Unlike most Syfy movies that use minimalist effects, implied action scenes and a cadre of fresh and barely known cast, he pulled it together with this one.

The special effects were some of the best I’ve seen on the Syfy network, the cast led by Knepper, Benson and Bright kept it pretty grounded and for once, whoever coordinated the fight sequences knew what they were doing!!!

To be honest, Earth’s Final Hours is probably one of the smartest movies that has aired on Syfy in a long time, with a reasonable story and everything, more or less, is explained and made sense.

Though, this wouldn’t be a review from Brusimm, if I didn’t pick on a Syfy movie project for something, right?

For one… I want agent Streich’s gun.  Unless I missed the reloads, his 9mm handgun held about 60 rounds!  Super cool!

But at least in this TV movie, unlike other Syfy movies, the gun sounded like a real gun rather than a cap gun.

The shaky-cam became a bit noticeable near the end in the fight sequences.

The ending started getting a bit Syfyish, but they managed to keep the effects based around the story and they mostly made sense, or started to as the epic global horror started to become resolved by our heroes.  Or did it???  (Not giving out spoilers!)

Last night, I put out a reminder for folks that this movie was airing tonight.  And for once, I noted, that we may be “treated to interesting acting and “fascinating” special effects.” and I’m eating those words,  for once.  And happy to!

Syfy Channel TV Review Score 09Overall, Syfy’s Earth’s Final Hours, was a pretty decent Syfy channel movie tonight.  Seriously!  I’m giving it a “Syfy 9.”

If you get a chance to catch it, you’ll see what I mean.  This TV movie was above the fold for their usual movie fare.  If director David Hogan pulled this all off on the usual budget that Syfy movies have, I’d look forward to see what else they may let Hogan do next for the channel!

Earth’s Final Hours was produced by Third Planet Productions, being distributed by Cinetel Films, with effects from Exile VFX.


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