TV Review of Lake Placid: The Final Chapter on Syfy

by on September 29, 2012

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TV Review of Lake Place the Final Chapter on Syfy, from BrusimmThe world of Black Lake, from the Lake Placid franchise, has changed quite a bit. Apparently folks know about the crocs and they’ve surrounded the lake with a huge electric fence, ala Jurassic Park.

The townspeople seem to be “suddenly” getting in an uproar about the crocs.

The cast has a few interesting faces in it. Yancy Butler (Rage of the Yeti, Lake Placid 3) playing the exact same kind of character she always plays (plus this is a reprisal of this character from movie no. 3), Robert Englund (Strippers vs Werewolves, Fear Clinic) plays a big game hunter/poacher wanting one big kill, & Elisabeth Rhm (The Client List, Heroes, Law & Order, Angel).

Butler… I can see why she’s here, reprising her role from the third movie. Englund, I’m not sure what’s up with his seemingly dwindling resume, and Rohm surprises me, since she’s been in some good TV and has a full slate of projects coming up.

The movie starts out with Reba (Butler) waking up in a trashed grocery store, sees a giant crocodile, says “You again?” and chucks a knife at it. (Not sure how this scene fits in anywhere, since it’s never alluded to again.)

We segue to a boat with Reba, the Sheriff (Rohm) and a biologist. They’re out to capture one of the “large” 5-footers, but see a 20-footer. The locals catch wind of it and are upset. But there’s nothing to worry about. The crocs are behind the electric fence! Right?

Or not.

Over the period of the first hour various number of actions take place to help move the hapless feeding of the crocs along.

From a lame ass character who watches illicit videos while driving a bus, and accidentally passing through the open fence into the croc zone. To a fence gate that sometimes closes itself, and sometimes does not.

And then there’s the attempt at interjecting some emotional content and budding relationships into the mix. (That’s always a warning sign for me on “B” TV movies.)

And don’t forget the stock footage of what look like an ocean rather than a small lake in Maine.

Oh… and can someone tell Butler you don’t need to hold a rifle at arm’s length away from you to shoot it!

Some of the cast did help pull the movie through the quiet moments, but that didn’t balance it out much. One of the telling signs about how a movie is doing, is when you don’t mind when the TV ads come on. So be it.

Lake Placid (the original) from 1999, was a fun-filled hilarious “B” monster movie. I laughed so hard in the theater, I almost got thrown out. And subsequent Syfy shots at sequels to the franchise didn’t do the network too bad. But that didn’t mean it could be compared to the original, and this, the “Final Chapter,” just might be a good thing.

If you see Lake Placid: The Final Chapter coming up on your TV schedule, well, on a cold winter night, your TV might make a good heat source. It’s not completely horrible, but if you had options with a known good commodity and this, go with the known commodity.

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