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by on December 10, 2011

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This is a TV review from Cinema Static on Brusimm.

Snowmageddon on SyfySnowmageddon,aired on Syfy Saturday, December 10th, and is directed by Sheldon Wilson (Killer Mountain, Red: Werewolf Hunter), and starred Michael Hogan (Battlestar Galactica), Magda Apanowicz (Caprica) and David Cubitt (Medium), opens to some kids getting a mysterious gift left outside their front door.

We learn inSnowmageddon, it’s been a weird winter with no snow, so that could be an interesting clue.

Inside the globe is what looks like a perfect replica of the town of Normal. Then one of the kids turns the key on the globe and a small crack shows up inside the globe. At town, a crack opens up with explosive gases erupting throughout town.

Later, the clock in town starts working, but oddly, it shouldn’t be. The local repairman took the guts out of the clock long ago.

First, it is great to see both Hogan and Cubitt. Cubitt’s last run as as Detective Scanlon on Medium and aside from Snowmageddon, the only other project under his belt is another TV movie called Possessing Piper Rose.

It’s always great to see Hogan while Apanowicz took on the painful to experience role of a fawning, screaming teen…

Snowmageddon started out pretty solid, developing the few story lines that we need to know about and the acting was OK. Quiet and stoic. There was some shallow disconnect and we never really were pulled in enough to care about anyone, except the dog that is. The dog, Mo, hated the snowglob.

The rest of the story was based around the cast getting out from under each new mini-disaster and later, from the characters figuring out that the mystery snow globe was what was dealing out the trauma.

Though there was a uniquely strange disconnect between characters at times that didn’t make sense. People looking for a kid, and when half the family finds him, no one bothers to tell the others, leaving them to keep looking. That and a few other snags seemed to show some glaring flaws in the writing.

Snowmageddon wasn’t bad, but the disconnected plot lines made it hard to really like the movie. The effects were absolutely classic B-movie cheese, if that good. But I kept hanging on to see how the snowglob was doing its mojo and how they were going to stop it.

Anyone notice that the ads called this a “Syfy experience” and not a movie? Just saying.

Next weeks’ Syfy movie is called Earth’s Final Hours.

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