TV Review: Storm War (AKA Weather Wars) on Syfy Channel

by on November 26, 2011

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This is a quick TV review of Storm War* on the Syfy Network.

Storm War on Syfy Channel promo art

Weather Wars aka Storm War*First up, on my cable TV menu, it’s referred to as Storm Wars. Under IMDb, it’s called Weather Wars, and on the Syfy network website, they call it Storm War! I guess you pick which title you prefer!

This was your classic Syfy Original Saturday Night movie popcorn fun, where I think the ranking should be measured in glasses of beer instead of stars… and the more the merrier!

Storm War (Storm Wars or Weather Wars) was directed by Todor Chapkanov and written by Paul A. Birkett. Chapkanov directing history includes Monsterwolf, Hammer of the Gods. Birkett’s experience includes Hellhounds, Ice Twisters and other such insta-classics!

When Storm War on Syfy kicked it in gear, we watch Stacy Keach staggering around Washington D.C., preaching the end. We then jump around to several opening scenes of the movie setting up multiple story lines for the upcoming movie.

Storm War - Stacy KeachStacy Keach – His hair had more energy then the script!

There are two brothers who are estranged from their father, the Keach character. A lone woman trying to call in a warning to the local law enforcement that someone is using the weather to kill a senator. The Senator working through his own workday… with Keach stalking him.

Storm War - Jason London and Wes BrownJason London and Wes Brown looking for their motivation somewhere on-set

Too many opening stories, as it seemed like a helter of story strings tossed at the viewer. But the one thing we do know, is that Stacy Keach is one ticked off and estranged weather scientist named Marcus Grange. His sons are David (Jason London) and Jacob (Wes Brown). The young lady is Samantha (Erin Chahill).

As we watch Stacy Keach dance inside a power station, he sets off something that causes massive electrical strikes on the Pentagon, destroying parts of it. And the excitement goes from there.

NASCAR fans might like to know that Stanton Barrett played a Secret Service Agent… (No name, just title, so I’m not sure how much screen time he gets.)

To be honest, Syfy has delivered better. Much better. All the DinoCrock and SuperGators and other movies were much better put together. Not better, but better put together! The lack of energy in the acting, energy of the script, and scattered multiple story lines were colliding like atoms in a bad experiment, but no bang was coming out of it. This collider was shooting blanks. In fact, here on my TV, I was still seeing ads for Black Friday… which was yesterday. Not sure if that was a warning or a sign.

If you see this on your TV menu coming up some day, don’t worry about missing Storm War or whatever it might be called. I don’t think you’ll be missing anything.

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janet March 9, 2015 at 8:28 pm

Has any one noticed that a reporter in the movie refers to the Pentagon after being hit by lighting as ground zero, a term that would become known world wide later that same year!

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