TV Shows That Might or Might Not Make It by the Upfronts

by on April 5, 2010

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Upfronts are in May and networks have to look long and hard… and sometimes not so hard at what TV series they’re going to be cutting from next season so they know what they’re selling the advertisers. (What’s an Upfront?)

The shows some of us care about like Smallville & Fringe have been given life for another season while 24 and Ugly Betty are being set afloat. More than likely, FlashForward didn’t see this in their visions, but despite all the changes made during that dumb ass 4-month hiatus, it would seem that the numbers aren’t coming up to snuff and they may be FlashLeaving.

They say “V” is probably staying, though I’m surprised at that. The episode I saw at WonderCon 2010 was fairly cookie-cutter content and thus, for myself, predictable.

Ali Larter at WonderCon 2010 00

As far as Heroes goes, Ali Larter thinks it’s coming back but I don’t think she’s chatting with the money-men of NBC, while there is optimism for Chuck. NBC was able to put Chuck into a pretty good position this year and it looks to be paying off, much like the fans believed it would. (Ali did say that networks hear the fans, and suggested that we make ourselves be heard!)

Of course, May has yet to arrive, and things can change pretty quickly… so I am not holding my breath.

Fox likes Human Target, despite its numbers, but for the specific time slot it is in, the ratings have been acceptable. I am liking Human Target more and more with each episode. I find the slow character development refreshing and as you will see in the season finale, (It was aired on WonderCon 2010), it will be flashback time to learn more about the team!

CBS on the other hand has what might be called good problems. Which show to cut, since almost all their shows are doing well enough? As it was put, it would depend on how the pilots that are put out there do and that may spell the fate of any of the shows that aren’t looked to as a ratings staple.

The CW has a pickle to ponder. One Tree Hill vs. Life Unexpected… OTH has better ratings, but LU costs less. From what I’ve seen of how the network has put so little money into their terrible online content transmission, I might bet they’ll go with the less expensive Life Unexpected. It’s really not a bad show, all things considered but it’s just not grabbing enough audience to impress right now.

That’s that.

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