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by on December 28, 2011

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Consumer Bits on Brusimm 200w logo, [Consumer News, advice and reviews]After a bit of frustration with how some website owner/operators run their ancillary feeds these days, I find myself dropping all but their RSS feeds. It’s more about the lack of professionalism in the personalities behind the social feeds vs. a pretty basic RSS feed.

Read on and find out why I think, for some, RSS Feeds is the best way to follow a website.


In this day and age, every website owner/operator puts their content out in every possible fashion. They scramble to figure out every last trick that Google has for them and how to game it and rank well within that nebulous web ranking system. They also play on the human factor by using bait title tactics, report the news bites or generate interesting opinion pieces.

Social Media Logos, via CA DMV (facebook, rss feed, wordpress, youtube, twitter, email)To get those pieces of work out, they use different venues for getting their content in your face. Some sites stick with the basics of Facebook and Twitter. Others pound out other venues for their regurgitated content.

For you the web surfer, you have to decide how best to spend your time, because your time is a pretty valuable commodity. Period.

Do you want just the info, or do you want to interact and feel like the web author is a human. And therein lies the sales pitch to website admins… to “engage” the community.

The average web surfer spends maybe around 90 seconds on a blog/website, skittering along looking for or at things that might catch your attention. If nothing does, you either move on or never land there.

And you have good reason for skittering through a website… In 2011, there were roughly around 150 million blogs out there. And you only have so much time.

Do You Want Info, News or Opinion?

Like I said earlier, most sites stick with the basics: Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feeds and such. But what’s best for you, the surfer?

Well, after that long-winded intro, here’s what I think about the issue:

Since websites can replicate their feed to Twitter and Facebook, along with their RSS feeds, those are good starting points to follow someone. But Twitter and Facebook, (& Google+) are more about personality along with the articles a website publishes.

I don’t mention Google+ today because it is a conversational place. Sure, feeds can be fed there though I suspect most are doing it manually. Google isn’t big on handing out that kind of support for their new toy yet. But those that are on there, are very chatty.


If you want the safest and possibly easiest and quickest way to follow someone, use their RSS Feeds.

Why RSS Feeds?

RSS Feed LogoBecause more often than not, the non-professional web site owner/operator tend to use Twitter and Facebook to vent or spout other issues aside from what their website covers.

And more to the point, some of these guys are rude, annoying, foul-mouthed or seriously demented.

I’ve found that about 50% of those I follow, tend to go off subject a lot. And about 50% of those I follow tend to spout with language that isn’t 100% family friendly. It’s their spouting grounds, so to speak.

Facebook is a little better, but it’s still there.

Facebook Logo from SimplyZestyAnd as far as I’m concerned, it’s incredibly short-sighted to be posting foul language when you have no clue who will be perusing your feeds on Twitter and Facebook.

No, I’m not a prude, but I respect my visitors and potential readers enough to not inundate them with foul language.

Some sites pretty much have foul language interlaced within their articles. So there’s truth in advertising there. But when a site doesn’t do that, I don’t think their external feeds should either.

The reason to recommend the RSS Feed is that they only contain the published articles, and not vents, rants or online arguments between folk.

Google Reader LogoAnd Google Reader is pretty good at following RSS feeds.

You get the message, the title, and a link to the article. Of course, it always helps to follow a reputable site that doesn’t lead with questions as titles or cut off their content that forces you to visit the site, but that’s for another day altogether now, doesn’t it?

As far as I’m concerned, when the gang starts cussing up a storm, I find it makes my life easier by dropping my support of that feed. I don’t have time for their vanity laced tirades or foul language. It’s as simple as that.

But if you like feeling like you know something about the people behind their feeds, then Twitter is the place, then Facebook. But that’s how I see things and that’s some food for thought!


Now with that said, you can follow Brusimmon Facebook or Twitter!!! LOL. (Top of sidebar if you really are interested) I use my FB channel to communicate info. My Twitter account fluctuates but I tend to stay on subject and I’ve been using my personal Twitter account to spout, vent and splat. (Almost all profanity free. I think I’ve cussed three times over the years. You’ve been warned! LOL.)

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