Twitter Going The Way of Facebook With Their Header Images

by on December 10, 2012

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Twitter LogoApparently the new formats of users’ home pages that Facebook forced on folks must have been a bit of a hit because on December 12th, 2012, Twitter will be revamping everyone’s profile format.

It looks like, on top of those wonderfully useless “*!’s have tweets for me” messages and other things, Twitter is jumping on the “images rule” bandwagon and will be reformatting profile pages for you.

Lucky us.

To be honest, Twitter needs to make changes to keep their platform financially viable. Or at least add this new fold of formatting to the profiles. If they don’t make money, they go away, then we’d be twit-less.

So this is just something that is going to happen.

Now don’t go tweeting they don’t have the right to change your format template, like a ton of Facebook users did. It does no good and sort of makes it look like you stepped right in “it!”

Here’s how my basic Twitter page looked like, then I started tinkering.

(Psst: I love how Twitter’s suggested size for a background header image is way too big!)


Brusimm Twitter 01

Brusimm Twitter 02Brusimm Twitter 03

Hmm, fascinating… while writing this, Facebook went down. And when FB goes down, and you have connections to the site, well, it impacts one’s page while its at it! Zoinks!

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