TYKE ELEPHANT OUTLAW Makes Circuses Look Very Bad

by on June 3, 2015

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Tyke Elephant Outlaw

In 1994 a circus animal, an elephant named Tyke, went on a rampage in Honolulu. It was like she had had enough, snapped, and took out her frustrations on her trainer, grinding him into the ground and killing him. During her rampage, 13 more people were injured and in the process, she was shot nearly 100 times before dying. All this from a species thought to be one of the more intelligent animals on the planet. They’re even considered to possibly be have a sense of self.

According to PETA, dozens of more incidents like Tyke have taken place, in what they call “lashing out” rages.

The film, Tyke Elephant Outlaw, looks to parallel what Blackfish did to SeaWorld, by showing the world what circuses do to their large animals in captivity.

I’ve seen the footage of Tyke, from when she repeatedly stomps her trainers all the way to the sad moment that she falls from taking shot after shot, while on the street. It is a horrible thing to see, and it seems even worse to me, that she was put in such a situation, where she had to be killed, all for profit.

Sadly, it has taken Tyke and other brethren of hers, to make people wake up.

Various countries have banned “wild animal” entertainment. Other locales seem to be a bit slower on the uptake, but Los Angeles, Oakland, and Miami Beach have enacted bans on the use of the bullhooks on elephants. (Gee, how nice of them to ban the use of a tool but still allow this to go on.)

But be it as it may, circuses are still using elephants and other animals in their shows. And we should never forget that poor Tyke died in a hail of bullets. For no other reason than human entertainment for profit. And you have to wonder where these poor souls came from before they found themselves chained by the ankles to the floors of circuses. (Look closely at my header image and notice the shackles on her front ankles.)

The only thing we can do, those who care about the lives of these poor souls, is NOT support businesses that endorse this practice. Don’t go to circuses that use animals like this. Speak out and share with friends.

{ https://vimeo.com/tykeelephantoutlaw

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Below is footage of Tyke’s rampage, in all it’s horrid detail. To be honest, I’ve supplied it here so you can see for yourself, what happens to this poor girl. But for many, I DO NOT THINK YOU SHOULD WATCH. It is very hard to watch, much like the animal killing videos Facebook allows to be posted. It’s upsetting. But it also drives home a point and stirs your gut.

In fact I can’t host the actual video here because the preview image is too graphic as it is… I won’t do that to you… but the video is on PETA’s youtube channel but be warned… it hurts to watch.

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