UFO Over Norway – Or Not [Thoughts]

by on December 9, 2009

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We finally got some excitement in the UFO arena this morning over Northern Norway. Reports came ablazing about a UFO spotted over the land that lasted a total of 2 minutes. The images are very fascinating to check out:

~ This image of the spirals was so well defined that I thought it was faked.

~ But then this image made me think, from the lower right hand corner that it was the chemical vapor trail from a rocket, and the spirals were the shock wave of it either exploding or headed off into another dimension.


After seeing this video, for me, that pretty much confirms it. I’ve witnessed dozens of rocket launches and the occasional rocket launch flub… and this looks very much like one of those… But if we start hearing about dinosaurs coming through some time-dimensional rift, that would be cool too!

Otherwise, mystery solved in this household!


references: Above Top Secret, A Norwegian (I presume) site with good pics,

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