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by on May 20, 2015

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Southwest Airlines

I was recently forced to use United Airlines for a work trip and during the process of my work trip, I learned a lot, including why, to date, I stick with Southwest Airlines.

When I checked in for my flight at the airport, they printed my flight tickets out on flimsy thin strips of paper. I asked for an envelope and they replied that they do not give out envelopes any more.

Of course like most airlines, they now charge you for checked in baggage. So what was the upfront fee for airline tickets used to be for?

Then, unless you are in first class, you get nothing except for their complimentary ration of fluid, but no nuts, no snacks, no nuthin unless you pay for it.

Then on my direct flight from Washington to San Francisco, I asked for a pillow. Guess what… they don’t give out pillows any more either? (Or I was on an unlucky flight where all the pillows went to first class.)

I am not even holding my four hour delay due to mechanical concerns against them, because basically, sheet happens, right?

Now let’s review my last time on Southwest, shall we?

Last time I flew on Southwest, I got envelopes for my tickets, my checked in bags were free, I received simple but free snacks, and they have pillows.


I am glad I am a Southwest customer, that’s all I can say! But on a different note, it is amazing how the business front with the airlines has shown us how a tough financial situation can push a business to cut as many corners as possible to stay afloat. Southwest seems to have a better business model than most and seems to be making it OK through tough times and I am grateful for that… so what that I have to check in as early as possible to nab a choice of seats. it’s a fine system that mostly works for me.

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