‘Unknown’ Wins the Box Office – Who’d A Thunk?

by on February 20, 2011

in Entertainment

Cinema Static Box Office NumbersDespite expectations of the Michael Bay produced I am Number Four possibly doing well at the box office, it would seem that Liam Neesom starrer Unknown has, by all estimates, taken the top spot at the box office with what they expect to be a near $22 million weekend.

I am Number Four looked more like I am number two behind Unknown with an estimated $19 million weekend. Face it, this new approach, new angle to a different kind of Twilight didn’t seem to take. The marketing for the movie didn’t grab me that way until the last week or so of TV spots when suddenly we saw the teen love story underneath it all. For all the weeks of TV spots, I never saw that vibe. If they wanted to be taken along the lines of Twilight, I’d think they would have pushed it more along those lines all along as opposed to the super-powered alien on the run line that I thought it was to be. Eh.

Gnomeo and Juliet was on Four’s heels with $19 million. Over 1/2 of that was from 3D showings.

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