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The Destiny from Stargate Universe on Syfy

At the time of this article, we’re headed into the third episode of Stargate Universe, but later on in the season by the fifteenth episode the episode titled “Seizure” will air. In “Seizure” we will have a crossover event that bridges Stargate Atlantis with Stargate Universe and it will be bringing back Dr. McKay (David Hewlett) and Mr. Woosley (Robert Picardo).

That will be nice but past guest appearances have felt hollow in the sense that the only interaction that the characters truly have are through the communication stones. I mean great, if Rodney shows up on the Destiny, in the back of my mind in the reality of the story, he’s not really there. Maybe I’m putting too much into it! But I’m getting all huffed about about much to do about nuthin! That’s because this cross-over episode mostly takes place in the Milky Way galaxy. (That’s all I’m saying.)

Info Nuggets from Season 2 of SGU

Aside from the crossover episode, other news we have about SGU, per an interview with co-creator Brad Wright is that season 2 of Stargate Universe will be answering a lot of questions. One of the big questions, being, why the ship was initially launched. (Though to be honest, didn’t the showrunners already answer that in the series premiere pitches? That there were a pair of ships launched to populate the cosmos with Stargates and another one to check them?) Yet since the Destiny itself is not populating Stargates, there very well could be more to it than meets the sales pitch.

[Slight SGU Season 2 Spoiler]

There will be a slightly faster pace to the stories told this season, and as you may have seen in some previews, the crew finds the bridge of the Destiny. This will be giving the writers something to play with, that’s for sure. Of course, now that they’ve left our known galaxy, I’m not sure that will be any advantage to the premise of returning home. But having found the bridge, off-ship excursions won’t always be threatened by a hurry up and get back to the ship kind of feel. As Wright puts it, the emphasis will be more on moving forward willingly by the crew versus having to get their butts back on board or be left behind.

[End Slight Season 2 Spoiler]

Brad Wright promises more cool aliens and yes, we’ll be seeing what they call “The Blues” again. Those blue, clitter-clatter aliens that were capturing the crew from the Destiny. Observation: Didn’t they pitch how we’d see more non-humanoid aliens before last season? I know we’ve seen at least one… have there been more? (My brain is addled).

Why SGU is Different

Wright pitches the most unique factors about this version of the Stargate franchise is that the Stargate is on a moving target now and the team using the Stargate platform wasn’t a chosen team but that of people forced onto it from actions outside their control. (Though I personally never forget that Dr. Rush was the one that put them there for his own selfish reasons, and as far as I am concerned with that character, I never trust any action he performs. I’m always thinking he’s up to something for himself and not the crew. But then again, that’s a kudo to the writing of the series. Being that I’ve developed such a mistrust of the guy.) But it turns out, Rush doesn’t seem to trust other people and has the need to be in the chain of decisions because he worries that wrong decisions that might affect him, will be made. (Like I said, I don’t trust ’em!)

Of course, the good news for Robert Knepper fans, we find out that his character is cool and yet dark character. Wright says his character is probably darker than any other human they’ve ever done. (That’s good for me, I think Robert Knepper does dark and criminally minded rather well!)

The interview was solely with Brad Wright. I want to remind everyone that even though Stargate Universe credits still show Brad Wright and Robert C. Cooper as the showrunners, that’s in credit only. Robert C. Cooper attended his last Stargate event at Comic-Con because he’s stepped back from active participation and is on a consultation role now. [Robert C Cooper Leaving Stargate] Though he never pointed a finger at anything, I felt he was more on the side of the angry fans who didn’t like the direction that the production was forced to go, but that’s mere conjecture on my part.

What is Likeable about SGU

In the end, Wright says he wants us to embrace the show as it having it’s own identity. Plain and simple. I’m doing OK with the show and I’m finding myself getting caught up in the story of Stargate Universe. For what the situation is, the writing is not horrible and with a self contained environment, it’s a tolerable scenario to be entertained by. Bu yes, I’m caught up enough that I don’t trust Rush, I feel bad for Col Young, I hate the Alliance on-board and they should be air-locked and I detest the constant interference of the civilians thinking they need a voice in the running of the ship. Again, testaments to the writing.

Me, I want more Greer, played by Jamil Walker Smith (Hey Arnold). As if anyone who knows me might attest, he’s more up my alley of taking down the bad guys, ask later. Yea, I want more Greer! Sure, he seems like a loose cannon, but he’s not. There’s a distinct method to his madness that is consistent. He’s a consistent force of doing what is right in the most efficient method given him. LOL, he’s awesome management training material… and I sure would love to hear more about why he was in the brig when this series all got started… though I suspect it was because he decked someone for being stupid… in his eyes.

Stargate Universe stars

  • Robert Carlyle as Dr. Nicholas Rush,
  • Louis Ferreira as Colonel Everett Young,
  • Brian J. Smith as Lt. Matthew Scott,
  • Elyse Levesque as Chloe Armstrong,
  • David Blue as math boy & movie geek Eli Wallace,
  • Alaina Huffman as Lt. Tamara Johansen,
  • Jamil Walker Smith as “Mr. put up or shut up,” Master Sgt. Ronald Greer,
  • Julia Benson as 2nd Lt. Vanessa James,
  • Jennifer Spence as Dr. Lisa Park &
  • Ming-Na as the pesky civilian rep, Camile Wray.

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