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by on September 6, 2011

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Can you believe that advertisers also target the young ones in the house?  They do, aiming some ads at the 2-11 year old TV watchers!  Read on!

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Earlier this year, I wrote about how the basic networks made around $10 billion from advertisers for all those pesky TV ads we need to suffer through during our television watching time.  We don’t dwell too much though on ads aimed at the smaller humans in our households, the kids that are 12 and under.

I came across some bits on advertiser spending for the TV viewing demographic  for those 12 and under.  Yep, advertisers have their eye on everyone in the households.  Now it’s true that there’s a prime spending demographic that advertisers love.

But when your fishing for monies from those who can be swayed my the colors, words and music of well-honed marketing schemes, everyone is a potential mark.

The one thing I did learn was that the cable nets were on par with income from advertisers as the broadcast nets.

But back on point is that the upfront sessions earlier this year netted the networks around $1 billion in ad sales for the 12-and-under demographic.  It’s simple to see why…  in early 2011, Nickelodeon had 1.3 million viewers aged 2 to 11.  Disney had almost 1.8M and Cartoon Network almost a million youthful viewers.

The big market leaders with the kids are Lego, MGA Entertainment (Bratz), Spin Master (Thomas the Tank Engine) and Jaxx Pacific, (WWE action figures).

The reason this is important is because in 2010 toy sales hit the $22 billion mark.

Of course Disney does what I suspect would be done, and that’s to market to the adults that are there with the kids and interject Microsfot, Verizon and Chrysler ads in there with the toy ads.  Which makes sense.  You can tease the kids, but the parents have to get brainwashed with the adverts too.

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