Variety Spoils Walking Dead While Talking About L.A. Noir

by on January 24, 2012

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Nothing says spoiler more than talking about a member of the cast of a hit show, and chatting about how he’s in the running for the lead role in an upcoming new show.

At least that could be construed from this article that Variety ran…

Jon Bernthal in The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead potential Spoiler coming up…

It would seem that Jon Bernthal, who co-stars on AMC’s The Walking Dead, has apparently just started talks for the lead role in a new TNT drama titled L.A. Noir, a cop show based in Los Angeles, during the 1940’s.

The new series is being helmed by Frank Darabont, the man who kick-started The Walking Dead‘s huge hit first season on AMC.

So if you’ve been following The Walking Dead, you know that Bernthal’s character, Shane, is getting a little out of hand, and if this bit is any indication, it would seem that his character is headed for an exit, in some way, shape, fashion or form.

This would reunite Bernthal with Darabont, since they started working together on the AMC show, until Darabont was dumped by AMC.


On Darabont’s exodus from AMC’s The Walking Dead, he had pointed out in a previous interview with TV Guide that he was given no choice in the matter of leaving the show he brought to AMC. It would seem that he was at odds with the studio wanting to cut budget while the show was ramping up in popularity. Things came to a head, the rest is history.

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