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by on September 13, 2012

in Entertainment Entertainment news and opinionToday’s news bites that caught my attention include news from the Transformers franchise, the Hulk, Justified, The Dark Knight Rises, The Bourne Legacy and a few other snippets of entertainment news!

Transformers 4

Word on the street is that Michael Bay‘s 4th Autobot movie, Transformers 4, will be a bit of a reboot. The movies kick some serious butt at the box office, but the toys aren’t doing as well as Hasbro would like. Hence, what looks like a new battle plan to help the toy sales.

That plan would seem to include introducing brand new character robots, in lieu of the classic cast of bots we’ve all come to know and enjoy from the first three Transformers movies.

Transformers 3 on 3D Blu-ray

That to me, seems to be a bummer. Movie goers have a history with Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. Surely they can’t be thinking about writing them out of the next movie, can they?

[Source: TFW2005]

The Hulk

The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) in 'The Avengers'Ever since The Avengers, folks have been wondering if Hulk will ever get his own movie. The last two efforts to make a Hulk movie sort of panned out, but after the Joss Whedon helmed movie, folks had to wonder.

Sadly, it’s felt that everything that could be done with the character has been. Hence, Marvel has no plans at the moment to do another movie.

I beg to differ on that one Marvel! Let Whedon take a swing at a spec script. Let him pull the Hulk into a sort of group setting/story. Maybe meeting the Guardians of the Galaxy or other characters. Now, this new Hulk can handle that. But alas, that may not be. And that’s a shame because for me, his development in the movie was incredible!

Boo! We want more Hulk Disney/Marvel!

[Source: MTV]

Movie Theater Audience Ninjas

Over in London, a movie theater has hired folks to keep the rude fools in movie theaters in line with proper movie etiquette.

What they’ve done is hire folks to wear black body suits to stand in dark corners and wait. They’re waiting for those rude fools who think they have to continually check their cell phones during movies, screwing up other folks movies experience.

These ninjas will jump up and jump out from the dark. surprising the rude ones, and asking them to cease and desist their interruptive behavior!

Recipients of the enforcement say it’s rather shocking!

[Source: /Film]

A quick bit is that Universal is already working on a Bourne Legacy sequel, despite its “weak” box office performance. Cool… I like Jeremy Renner.

Word on the street is that The Dark Knight Rises DVD/BD release will not be including a director’s cut from Christopher Nolan. Bummer. I would have liked to have scene some of the connector scenes that were pulled out that made some moments so seemingly random.


JUSTIFIED: Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens. CR: Mark Seliger/ FX

The fourth season of Justified will return in January, 2013. In the mean time, if you were wondering who Raylan might be facing off against in the new season, well, here’s a quickie look at the new troublemakers:

The FX western is recruiting a new batch of freaks for Season 4, and they include a rule-bending military police sergeant who shares a past with Boyd, a fugitive family man who teams up with a pair of drug addicts, a local Constable who went to high school with Raylan, and a charismatic young preacher who starts cutting into Boyds profits.

[Source: TV Line]

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