Wade Shepard No Longer Wants To Own District 12 from ‘The Hunger Games’

by on April 7, 2012

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What do I mean by owning District 12?  Yes, I mean District 12 from The Hunger Games movie.  In this case, I’m talking about the land that Lionsgate sat on to film The Hunger Games at… the stand-in location used to film scenes representing District 12.

But the owner of the land is tired of all the tourists.  If you think about it, it probably isn’t what he signed up for when he rented out his 72 acres, but there you have it.  It’s now a Hollywood tourism landmark!

The owner says that tourists are driving through day and night.

The North Carolina Division of Tourism has even set up a four-day self-guided tour based on The Hunger Games.

“This four-day itinerary, which loops from Charlotte to Asheville and back, leads to film locations, choice star hangouts and sites that connect to elements of the Suzanne Collins novel. It also notes training options to learn skills a Tribute could use.”

{visitnc:  the-hunger-games-4-day-tour itinerary}

This tour doesn’t take place on the actual film location, but the state has a chance to have that happen!

The man who owns the land wants out and is selling the location that The Hunger Games was filmed on for a mere $1.4M…

Now if the state could afford that, well, that’s another matter altogether!

forbes: own-the-hunger-games-district-12-for-1-4-million

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