Walton Goggins Fans Rejoice, His Role In ‘Django Unchained’ Just Got Bigger

by on May 10, 2012

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Walton Goggins in 'Justified'

Being a huge Walton Goggins fan of late, I have to respect what he brings to his roles these days.  With that, I may now possibly have to go see Quentin Tarantino‘s Django Unchained.

The movie had a few cast members drop out (Kurt Russell and Sacha Baron Cohen) and Walton Goggins stepped up to take over… or as it is put, absorb the duties of Kurt Russell’s character, into the role he already had in the movie.

I know that sounds a bit confusing, and I’m not going to try and pretend to understand it, but I guess Tarantino projects are on-the-fly adaptable, as is the case here.  They’re already filming the movie and now, with whatever role Walton had, he now will be tasked with the flailings of the character Russell was portraying.

Russell’s character was a vicious employee of Leonardo DiCaprio’s evil slave owner character.

Well… I guess this could go either way… look good or look odd when the film hits theaters this December if there’s some strange transition for Goggins’ character, but hey, it’s Hollywood and they can make anything look good, right?

It’s interesting that cast are dropping out of Tarantino’s film in mid-stream, but hey, it’s Hollyw…  Never mind.

Other Django Unchained cast includes Christoph Waltz, Don Johnson, James Remar, Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington, Leonardo DiCaprio, & Samuel L Jackson.

The film summary says,

“With the help of his mentor, a slave-turned-bounty hunter sets out to rescue his wife from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner. ”

I’ve started enjoying Walton Goggins’ work on Justified and in Predators and to be honest, at first he doesn’t really come off as a main player, but if you watch carefully enough through the years, you’ll see he’s rather capable of many modes for many characters.  And that hair of his so totally helps define his characters.  Combed and down… a serious citizen.  Electrocuted frazzled hair where it’s up and all over the place, well, his character is your best guess.

All joking aside though, I am coming to appreciate what he brings to his roles these days.

I first saw him in TV’s The Shield, and then JustifiedHBO subscribers will be seeing him in the upcoming history-based series, To Appomattox, as Richard Ewell.  And aside from Unchained, he also has the upcoming movies Lincoln (due out in December 2012), G.I. Joe: Retaliation (June 29, 2012) and Officer Down, which is still filming, which looks to have an interesting cast!

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