Wanna Win A Free GoPro Video Camera? [Consumer]

by on August 3, 2012

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GoPro w SuctionCup (Free Camera Give Away)I must admit that I’ve been rather selfish. I say that because I’ve been entering a free give-away contest every day. GoPro is a premiere video camera maker and their gear is carried by many people and celebrities on their adventures.

To celebrate their equipment, GoPro has been conducting a daily contest. Daily! This contest gives away everything they make once a day. Which means you can enter their contest everyday. Everything they make includes 1 GoPro HD HERO Camera, 10 different mounts for various platforms, a helmet strap, an expansion kit and a wrist housing. It’s a pretty cool collective of things from GoPro.

And their cameras have some pretty good image stabilization tech and they have some great videos demonstrating the vids that customers take. GoPro hosts them on their Facebook page, which you can get to via their contest page. Me, I’d love to win one of their cameras, but so far, my luck has been about as good as that of a bug crossing a freeway! Then again, it’s a worldwide contest, the I’m up against some pretty steep odds.

GoPro Camera Give away - Moto PKGAnyway, the giveaway exists over at http://gopro.com/daily-giveaway/. You can enter every day as they give something away everyday.

Surfboard Beauty - GoPro sample image

Good luck!


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