Want A Good Laugh? Think $60 ‘On Demand’ Movie! [updated]

by on October 7, 2011

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Brusimm Cinema Static Movie NewsHere’s one that makes me go “SAY WHAT?”  The movie Tower Heist is coming out to movie theaters November 4th.  It stars Eddie Murphy and Ben Stiller.

Tower Heist is about a group of people that discover they’ve become a victim to a Ponzi scheme, go on the offensive and robs his residence.

If you are thinking of heading out to the movie theater to catch it, hurry!  Because shortly after the theatrical release, on November 23rd, COMCAST is planning on releasing the movie to their video on demand service, On Demand,  while it’s still in the movie theater.  And they plan on charging $60 for that rental.

Yep, that’s not a typo.  Once you start laughing your ass off, you can continue reading…

Check out this weird spin-speak:

“This experiment will allow the two companies to sample consumer appetite for this film in this window at this price while allowing the film to achieve its full potential at the box office.”

COMCAST is making this crazy test available to a select core of customers, about 500,000 of them.

As far as I’m concerned, I have to wonder who the bloody blazes has $60 to drop on a movie where they could simply spend $7 to $15 at the theater?

Or will they be inviting about 10 of their closest friends and charging them to come over for a viewing party?

I seriously do not get this premise.  What worries me more is just how many people just might go ahead and pay the seriously over-priced rental, because you know there will be a few.

But the fragile business structure of the movie theater has one theater chain making threats.

Cinemark has said that they will boycott Tower Heist if COMCAST goes through with this experiment.

Me, it sounds like an incredibly silly rental fee for a movie that you may only have access to for a day or two.  Yea, I would hope it’s a two-day rental for that rate!

10-13-11 update

It would seem that this test of obscenely expensive VoD rental fees has been canned for the moment.  Apparently some market tests or website surveys gave them a bit of a preview of consumer acceptance… being it was noted as a resounding no.  Go figure.

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[update: studiobriefing.net]

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