Want To Hear The Stupidest Lawsuit EVER?

by on November 21, 2014

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Through the years we always hear about how lawyers can be the scourge of the earth, depending on their particular legal pursuits and your perspectives.

Back when a woman sued someone for getting burnt by the hot coffee she bought, or the people who sued when their RV cruise control did not keep them on the road, or when the bank robber sues the bank when he trips over the faulty entry threshold, well, it is a head slapper.

It is funny and sad all at once. Funny what people sue for, and sad that lawyers help these lawsuits make it to the bench of a judge. Supposedly there are rules in place to keep stupid lawsuits from happening but they seem to happen.

With that said, imagine this:

You own four dogs. You lose your control of your dogs when they bust through your neighbors yard fencing and your dogs kill your neighbor’s 10-year-old dog.

Now imagine suing your neighbor for $1 million because you were “seriously injured” trying to stop your own dogs from attacking the older dog. And that her neighor failed to secure their own dog in their yard. She is also experiencing pain and suffering from the event.

I find it shocking that the dog owner has the audacity to sue the dead dog’s owner for her loss, damages and suffering. I have to wonder if she’s related to the woman who sued over the hot coffee?

The whole story can be seen on the NBC Bay Area news page.

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