Warehouse 13 Season 2 Premiere – A Quick Review

by on July 6, 2010

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Warehouse 13 Season 2 Premiere Review

llison Scagliotti as Claudia Donovan, Saul Rubinek as Artie Nelsen in Warehouse 13 on Syfy

Warehouse 13 has finally returned for its 2nd season. The gang is still dealing with McPherson and show has the same feel that it did last season. That’s not a bad thing, considering it worked but…

SPOILERS after the break

As we saw last season, Leena released McPherson and she also released one other bronzed criminal. It turns out that Leena was under mind-control.

Claudia was on the run for a bit and as we all know, Artie blew up last season from McPherson’s bomb but Artie had the Phoenix in hand and he rematerialized.

Artie later chased down Claudia and Myka and Pete were on the trail of H.G. Wells and finds her. (Yes, I said her.)

On the somewhat sad part, Mrs Fredrics driver dies. (Side affect of Artie using the Phoenix!)

It comes down to everyone reconvening back at the Warehouse because Wells needed to get back into a vault there and the gang finally catch up to McPherson.

That’s the outline of the premiere episode of season 2 of Warehouse 13. I’m intentionally not giving out the nitty gritty details… no fun in that if you know everything going into it.

It was the same amount of energy that we’ve seen previously and so far, Myka wasn’t as whiny as she was in the latter part of the 1st season and Pete was keying into his extra sense.

We didn’t see Jewel Staite yet but I’m patient!

Was this new season a phenom of a start? No. It felt the same to me, but that’s fine. It wasn’t any slower than previous either. But they need to pick it a bit because I’m not sure the viewing audience will sit still for the same-ol’ same ol’ without some kind of change.

It looks like H.G. Wells is the new bad “guy” and I’m still wondering what role Staite will be playing. (PS: She shows up next week and though I was led to believe it was a recurring role, it would seem that Jewel Staite in guest appearing in a single episode – next week.!)

Here’s an interesting teaser to look forward to, to next week’s episode:


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