WAREHOUSE 13 – What’s Wrong with Season 2

by on August 6, 2010

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WAREHOUSE 13 on SYFY Channel

I’ve not been drawn too strongly to Warehouse 13 in this 2nd season and it took me a few episodes to understand why.

In the first episode, it just felt like more of the same from last season. But when the next few episodes aired, it didn’t seem to get much better.  To be clear, it wasn’t bad, but something was missing.

While watching the first half of the Warehouse 13 / Eureka cross-over episodes it dawned on me what’s missing. As far as I can tell, we have had absolutely no real character development. Every episode has been a stand-alone event that has depended purely on each character’s quirkiness. And that is not carrying the series for me.

WAREHOUSE 13 and EUREKA crossover

Warehouse 13 ratings though may not seem to be reflect that others aren’t too dismayed by the series yet. The July 27th episode brought in 2.48 million viewers for Syfy. (As opposed to the massive viewer drop to 1.4 million for wrestling.) The week before that, WH13 pulled in 2.3 million viewers.

So maybe I’m seeing something, or more specifically, missing a few things for myself that others aren’t noticing yet. But I’d love to see deeper character developments in Warehouse 13 so the the series will do this season, what it’s done last season.  Last season we had great character development that built the season.  I want to see more of that this season!

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Bruce Simmons August 10, 2010 at 3:41 pm

Hmm… softer side? OK, so Arty has become more understanding? Is that what you mean? OK, I see what you’re saying VeraZ… and maybe that’s not where I’ve been drawn to in the episodes. I guess I’ve been glazing over Claudia. (Damn this generational gap!) Ah, Mrs. F.! That would indeed be awesome to get some in-depth background on her. I guess my focus are on the two agents and there hasn’t been a lot there for me… but I am patient. I’ll keep watching.

Thanks for coming by VeraZ!

VeraZ August 10, 2010 at 3:05 pm

I am enjoying Season 2. I have to disagree about the lack of character development. I think we have seen a lot of development regarding the Claudia character. Linked with that we get to see a little more of Artie’s softer side. I find their interaction to be entertaining and dare I say it, cute. I think we are also starting to get to know the other female in the warehouse, her name escapes me right now, and her relationship with Mrs. Frederick.

I would like to see more on Mrs. F. Her talents appear to be extensive.
I do agree that the episodes have been leaning to the stand alone type. Hopefully they will develop some of the potential storylines they started in these early episodes.

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