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Brusimm.com - news, entertainment, sports and other opinions.Let’s try something new today…  news from around the web.  I don’t have a ton of time to write about everything I want to write about… I’m a lone, solitary guy.  But there’s so much out there that I want to pass on to you guys.

So I’m going to give this a bit of a try.  News bites where if it sounds interesting, you can highlight the title, right click and choose ‘google search’ if you want to know more.  Or, there are a few links at the bottom of the piece.

Today’s Web News and Noise touches on smoking iPhones; rising network fees (As if $10 billion a year in ads isn’t enough!); Wikileaks; crazy rental rates in Malibu, CA; The Amazing Spider-Man Pez dispensers; The Wolverine sees another filming delay and a few more goodies.


iPhone Overheating on Australian Flight

Why is it that with every new iPhone, there’s a heating problem?  I figure they’re pushing the envelope in tech, but for the things to overheat and what not seems quite amazing.

Maybe they ticked off Siri?

Any how, on a flight from Lismore to Sydney Australia, one persons phone started to smoke and turn bright red.

The flight attendants

“carried out recovery actions immediately and the red glow was extinguished successfully”

What ever that might mean!

But seriously…  what was the passenger doing with the phone, I presume, on?  So busted!!!  (Source link below)

Networks Asking for more Cash

Deadline (source link below) is reporting that with networks being able to promulgate their product via many avenues, ie: cable, air, web, phone, that they’re now looking at charging some broadcasting station groups more money.

But the local stations are getting pinched because as their profits from the previous election year dries up, they’re going to be finding themselves in a financial pickle.

(See, all it takes is money to win an election!  Not facts!)

The rest gets complicated, but needless to say, it seems that to stay afloat, stations may try to get more money from pay TV companies…

Or, bad news for customers as it seems this is headed in the wrong direction for consumers.

Julian Assange says Media is Corrupt

(source link below) Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, while trying to fight extradition to Sweden for sexual assault and rape charges, held a phone conference over Skype.  During that conference, he tossed out his premise that most news editors…

“crawl up the ladder of power to become associated with power, to sit at the same table as those you hold to account.”

In other words, to not really be there to hold organizations accountable because they’re on the take.  And right now, Wikileaks isn’t there to keep everyone honest.  Assange has been using his excess funds for lawyers, so the site has been quiet.

Eh…  I’ve seen shills and I’ve seen wanna-be shills, so I’m thinking this isn’t too far fetched, where he’s coming from.

Here’s one for ya… Malibu Celebrity Rental Rates

(Links Below)  In case you think you don’t make enough money, think about Pamela Anderson who just put a three-bedroom, pet-friendly house up for rent.

It’s a Malibu, CA property and  she has put it up for rent for $20k per week, or if you’re looking for a deal, ONLY $75k per month.

Yep, you heard right!

To be honest, that’s dirt cheap.

The Beckham’s were once renting a Malibu house for when they were in town, for a mere $160k a month.

I have to lump this bit of info in with where the heck the universe actually ends?

To be honest with you, I have a real hard time conceiving of spending that much money in a month.  Never mind making it in a year.  It boggles the mind.  At least my mind.

Other News Around The Web…

The Lizard Pez Dispenser

Everyone has gone nuts because The Lizard, from the upcoming remake movie, The Amazing Spider-Man, is now on a Pez dispenser and it seems that everyone feels like they found a scoop.  Or at least a scoop of candy!

Folks, it’s a candy thingy.  Stay calm. 

George Miller Mad Max Remake?

There’s jabber rumor about George Miller thinking about redoing Mad Max into a new trilogy of films.

That’s all we need, another remake.

Ricky Martin on Glee

There’s word floating around that Ricky Martin may be landing a guest role on Glee.

More Delays for The Wolverine

(See source link below)  I see that The Wolverine is getting another delay, putting this film deeper in the mud of production.

Seriously, the claws are stuck and won’t come out!

According to CinemaBland.com, they caught a piece saying that shooting has been delayed and that talks will resume next year.

Talks?  What talks?  What are they still budgeting and badgering about?  I felt the moment Aronofsky left the project that things were probably not looking great.  He was the only validity to the Wolverine franchise reboot!

Maybe market tests are coming up sour.  I mean face it, Wolverine is super cool to the hard core franchise fans, but to the general movie going audience, what does he have to offer?  Sharp claws and getting beat down a lot, healing up, and repeating.  This hero has his limitations.  And maybe the limitations are what keep the movie-goers at bay.  Maybe they need to put him in his own class of bad guys rather than someone who can blast nuclear power plants into dust!

Fans go to movies to escape reality…  not see

John Carter Movie Poster

There’s a new John Carter poster out…  On another news front, yes, there’s a John Carter movie coming out, starring Taylor Kitsch as Carter, along with Bryan Cranston, Mark Strong, Dominic West, Willem Dafoe, … well, it’s a loaded film cast, that’s for sure.  It’s due out in March of 2012.

Want to know more?

hollywoodreporter.com: iphone-4-explodes

deadline.com: networks-demand-rising-payments

hollywoodreporter.com: wikileaks-julian-assange

hollywoodreporter.com: pamela-anderson-malibu-beach-house-rent

nbclosangeles.com:  Victoria-and-David-Beckham-Summer-Rental

cinemablend.com:  Wolverine-Faces-More-Delays

OK, that put the zest back in it!  This was a fun piece to put together.  Anyone have anything cool or interesting to add? (No movie spoilers without warnings though!)  -Bruce

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