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by on January 29, 2010

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Studio Matrix dot.com by Wendy Shepherd

If you’re an actor or a production company looking for some help getting your message out, I don’t know anyone else that works harder at helping get the word out for their clients than Wendy Shepherd, owner / editor of Studio Matrix.

She helps focus your efforts at exposure with the grace of a gazelle as she darts through the maze of the internet for her clients, getting them the much coveted internet presence that so many covet. All while having fun doing it!


If you don’t like the idea of having someone else do the nitty gritty and would prefer a more hands-on scenario, Wendy can provide phone consultation sessions to help guide you through the maze of social marketing, where you can help yourself by investing in yourself or your business.

I met Wendy over a year ago when she introduced me to the opportunity of reviewing a wonderful Indie film called Knuckle Draggers. After that, she helped facilitate the opportunities to interview some of her clientele. And her clientele are very cool people to chat with. But this wasn’t for me. It was Wendy working for her clients and getting them exposure.

In both cases, it was a pleasure as she presents quality content or actors.

Presently, some of her clients include Sean Patrick Flanery, Clifton Collins Jr, Norman Reedus, Paul J Alessi, Amie Barsky, Traci Lords, Gregor Collins and others. She’s also helming the processes of getting exposure for such projects as Boondock Saints, Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day, Mortgage Minders, Global-GBHL, CC Variety TV and many more.

Despite all she does under the mantle of Studio Matrix, Wendy wasn’t satisfied just getting the word out. Some of her clients were have validity issues out there on the web and she took it upon herself to start Officially Plugged In.

Officially Plugged In.com by Wendy Shepherd

Officially Plugged In verifies the identity of a celebrity for their social network accounts like Twitter and Facebook and create viable content that removes all doubt about who they are or what accounts you’re looking at and if they’re real or not. What she’s done is come up with the idea to use a specifically formatted video intro by the client proving who they say they are.

As of now, Officially Plugged In contains 60+ profiles of people who “want to keep family, friends and fans safe online.” I’m too worried about myself yet, but when I get THAT big, I’d definitely turn to Wendy.

After that (As if she’s not busy enough as it is!) Officially True sprung from Officially Plugged In. Officially True is a website that her clients from OPI “give their ‘true’ news on. This can also be a platform to allow any of them to dispute false rumors. The site won’t post anything that isn’t confirmed and proved… the information has to be true.


I started wondering how this all came about and when I asked Wendy about this, I was in for quite the surprise.

Wendy actually started populating the internet back in 1997 with the website TipzTime. TipzTime was a household tips site that sprouted from events and situations she was dealing with in her own life as a wife and a mother.

One thing led to another and here we are today. Here’s the family tree of her websites, so to speak:

In 2008 she started fanfinders.com and profileminders.com, which are extensions of StudioMatrix.com.

TipzTime was Wendy’s first website… and that sprang up as a hobby that covered several topics that she found herself dealing with in life. Then one thing led to another. As you can see!

And that’s that.

If you are ever wondering about an actor’s credentials and they have a stamp of approval from Officially Plugged In, then after confirming their identity, you can take it for gospel that Wendy has confirmed the truth folks.

Check out her sites that I noted above, or follow her YouTube, Twitter & FaceBook accounts and have some fun!

Studio Matrix on Twitter

Studio Matrix on FaceBook

Officially Plugged In on Twitter

Officially Plugged In on FaceBook

Officially Plugged In Channel on YouTube

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Angela Cullins January 29, 2010 at 9:50 pm

Hi Wendy,
I would like to talk to you about publicity, if you have time I would appreciate it. I was the female lead in American Sunset so if that is a conflict due to your involvement with Global Universal I understand.

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