Whacky Cool ‘Iron Man’ Merchandise, Including Steam-punk Iron Man Done Right!

by on April 23, 2011

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Steam-punk 'Iron Man'

When I first saw the Iron Man version of Operation, I cracked a rib. But if you’re a true Iron Man fan, you have to appreciate the various facets of a franchise marketing tool. Including the board games and what not!

Operation game, 'Iron Man 2'

But on a more serious collector’s side of things, over on Ebay an incredibly skilled individual is selling a custom Iron Man model, titled ‘Custom SteamPunk Iron Man Marvel Legends‘ Iron Man. It’s a Victorian age Iron Man done right! If Tony Stark lived in the Victorian era he would have made a steam-powered armor.

Steam Punk 'Iron Man'

The suit is an amazing piece of work. It is fully articulated, (has 37 articulation points of articulation) and stands at 11-12 inches high. It also has a light for the chest cavity that flickers plus a rear hatch. The flickering represents the coal burning power!

It comes with a little Tony Stark.

Right now, the bidding is up to $355 and this looks kick-ass! Too bad I don’t have the bucks or I’d jump on it! But as I write this, there’s only hours to go for the auction. It ends on Apr 23, 2011 at 20:31:48 PDT.

No matter what, I love this guy’s ingenuity! That’s for sure! The auction of the origins article I link to has a lot more imagery to support the product.

Here’s the Steam-punk Iron Man eBay Auction. Here’s the Pack Rat Studio blog supporting the auction. (The origins article, so to speak.)

Oh, and if you are crazy interested, here’s the Operation Iron Man 2 Edition on Amazon.

I caught wind of this via UGO.

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