What Are Movie Reviews Saying About ‘Paranormal Activity 3?’

by on October 21, 2011

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Brusimm Cinema Static Movie NewsFirst up, the website Movie Review Intelligence (MRI) says that The Mighty Macs have moderate movie reviews, Johnny English Reborn (Fair), The Three Musketeers (Poor) movie reviews. (Not too shocked on that one.)  Margin Call which is opening in select cities, is shown with very good reviews.

With that out of the way, let’s move on to Paranormal Acitivity 3!

The movie already has made $8 million in midnight showings, and that’s a good sign for the weekend.  It looks like it’s on track to dethrone Real Steel, Footloose and the other competitors from the box office top seed.

PA3 is shown with what MRI says are Good, Not Great reviews, with 63% of the reviews being positive.

Even though I like MRI, we have to weigh out who is saying what out there.  I like distinguishing who because when critics put Transformers on the same scale as 127 Hours, well, ya gotta tread on known territory and bring the salt shaker.

During the week a blogging peer tweeted that

“don’t get demon’s logic in Paranormal Activity 3 but don’t care. All I know is I jumped like a monkey on cocaine ”

[ http://twitter.com/elguapo1 ] < I got a total kick out of his tweet. >

Richard Corliss at Time says “Pretty freaking cool

Owen Gleiberman from Entertainment Weekly said he doesn’t scare easy and Paramormal Acitivity 3 put him in a state of anxiety.

Ben Kendrick over at Screen Rant said it’s mostly more of the same and that it “definitely refines an already effective format (and ups the ante by adding a few spikes to the rubber).

Of course Roger Ebert panned it, he compares PA3 to eating the cardboard box of the popcorn you like.

Predictions look good… I’m planning on heading out in a little bit to go see it.  I haven’t screamed like Shia LaBeouf in Transformers in a long time!

Movie Review Intelligence Paranormal Activity 3 Review Compilation.

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