What Do You Mean the UK Version of The Avengers is Edited???

by on September 18, 2012

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The Avengers fr Joss Whedon on Blu-ray and DVD

News on the street that the UK version of Joss Whedon‘s The Avengers will have an edited scene that might have implications of changing up or creating a potential story line. (But that implication is a supposition… no hard facts)

First up, I find this surprising that the UK is editing scenes in The Avengers. I have come to expect movie editing from states like Utah to help make movie content match beliefs, and in some instances, China, but the UK? Well, at least word is that the U.S. version will not be edited.

What I’m about to talk about is one of the biggest spoilers you can pipe up about from the movie. There are about three biggies in the movie. (Don’t worry, there are dozens of pretty big mediums, but three biggies that really pop out at ya!)

But what I’m going to do is do some serious talking around the subject because if you’re one of the 50 people who haven’t seen the movie in theaters, then you don’t want to be spoiled, but if you want to read about this, well, I’ll do my best here.

Loki steals everyone's stuff in The Avengers

OK, Loki steals everyone’s things. Wait till you see him in Iron Man’s suit! (with the coat draped over it) LOL

Without specifying gender, or planet of origin:

There’s a scene where someone gets stuck by a big “knife” and in theaters, the “knife” comes out of the chest. It’s a pretty classic representation of a death scene. And I’m hoping that in the end, (ala Avengers 2) the killed off character was just an LMD. I say that because there’s an obscure reference to LMD’s early on in the movie. (LMD: Life Model Decoy.)

But this scene is apparently being changed up in some countries to not show the protruding blade.

The confusion reigns for now, but the detail, though part of a fairly important story piece, is miniscule at best. I don’t think it’s reason enough to cancel your pre-order. You’ll still get the emotional impact of the moment.

If you want it all spilled out and spoiled, it’s at the source: [bleedingcool] [Loki image Marvel FB Page]

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