What Is Cancer And Can It Be Beat? The Power of $One Can Do It

by on October 13, 2011

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The Power of One Against Breast Cancer

Despite the fearsome nature of cancer, like breast cancer, I think that it can be beat, one dollar at a time.

First, I know that addressing the issue is a scary one. If you are anything like I was, you acknowledge the existence of it, know it’s terrible, but do you do anything about it to help out? But ignoring it doesn’t make it go away. And if you’re unlucky enough and it strikes at home, the regret is miniscule, but it’s there. And when it strikes, it’s a devastating psychological blow to the entire family. Suddenly things you called problems take a back seat to this thing.

But at some point, you wonder, What is cancer?

The technical aspect of this affliction is that it is an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in the body. The cells also invade into other tissues of the body in the process. There’s no one cancer, but hundreds of types. Each one is known by the name of the organ it invades. They can be broken down into just a few base categories.

Cells normally grow and divide, as needed, to maintain the body. At times, the process breaks. The genetic process mutates and then cells stop dying when they are supposed to and new cells that should be replacing the ones that die, still continue to be produced. Even though your body doesn’t need the new cells. It’s these extra cells that form masses, or tumors.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month pink ribbon symbolWhen 2011 is over, it’s projected that there will be 1.6 million new cases of cancer and over 550 thousand fatalities caused by it. The most common types of cancer that will be diagnosed in 2011 will be prostate, Breast and Lung cancers.

The Power of $One Against Cancer

This is my new rallying cry.

Believe it or not, you can make a difference and it could only take a dollar, one person at a time. That’s it.

That and the few moments it takes to either sling your PayPal account, CC, or whatever financial process you have online. The reason I think that it only takes a dollar is that if everyone just contributed a dollar, and then ask someone you know if they would consider doing the same.

This could be huge. And this could help someone you know! Why? Because breast cancer alone afflicts 1 in 8 women. In 2007 11.7 million folks were diagnosed or had it. According to MedScape, 2 in 5 people were affected by cancer in 2007.

But we can help beat it

NASCAR is having programs supporting Breast Cancer. If everyone who tuned in to the NASCAR race broadcast last weekend headed out and contributed a dollar each, well, with an estimated 4 million viewers, you do the math!

If a few of you had a few thousand followers, retweet or ask your Facebook followers to donate a dollar and ask them to ask their friends for the same, it could add up. Today I asked one person to just drop $1 dollar in a box or at the grocery store when they swiped their ATM card or paid cash. Just a dollar. I asked five people yesterday. The day before, two. Tomorrow, who knows how many people I’ll pester.

OR if you’re of the mind to spend more, Amazon has products where you can buy something for yourself, and proceeds from the sales are contributed to the cause. [Cancer Proceed Sales on Amazon] Or you can hit up the three links I have in the upper left of the site… just under the big Google ad on the left <<< over there.

That’s all, just one. One dollar, one request, passing it on. That’s all it can take to help beat this bitch. Would you consider it?

Thanks gang.

UPDATED 5-13-13: Five IS on Amazon for those interested: {Five on Amazon}

[ cancer.gov ; cancer.gov: What is Cancer ; MedScape ]

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Bruce Simmons May 13, 2013 at 7:23 pm

CYNTHIA… Thanks for saying that and offering to copy the movie, but I can’t condone copying a movie. But with that said, I have added a link to the Amazon offering at the bottom of the article, if anyone is interested. (they say they only have ‘x’ amount of the movie, so if you’re interested, hurry!) -Bruce

cynthia May 13, 2013 at 6:57 pm

Susan Thompson, if you are still looking for the dvd of the movie Five about breast cancer I found it on the Amazon website, sold for 15.00 dollars. Let me know I bought a copy, maybe I can have a copy made for you. I’m not good at computer, just now learning. I enjoyed watching the movie too,it was so touching, very brave women that gave life to the characters.

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